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  1. Got our entry (Team Moby) hope we can avoid a repeat of our Oh Deer ! moment............. Looking forward to it
  2. Any TR is a good TR and good to see another 7 rescued out of storage and back into use. Please keep us informed and post the follow up photos
  3. Stock sounds excellent, sorry you didn't trade out of more of it. Part of the problem I feel is, not everybody wants to (or has the room) to hold 'just in case' spares other than touring kits. Its a timing issue The main problem is when you need to replace OE stuff that has failed in service, and your TR is off the road, then you land up buying **** Chinese junk What we need is a source of good OE spares (when we need them) and most of us are happy to pay the extra for the good stuff ......but we know this anyway doesn't we, just saying
  4. Welcome to the forum, I'm pretty sure some of LNK ('62) originates Stateside, so you're in good company Looking forward to some photos !
  5. Tim I'll be there with the Doc in MOBY (white Triumph 2000 Mk2 ).........now repaired after a Deer strike on the Coast 2 Coast 4th or poss 5th 10CR, can't remember, but looking forward to it
  6. Bad luck Pinks, fault could been overheated (unlikely today though), sometimes they just fall over. I run one of a pair, mounted jointly on the wing, less vibration, less heat. I rotate through them on a regular basis, so you always have a spare and you know it works !
  7. Excellent as usual, imagine a Binky TR
  8. The NLG have a contingent attending, looking forward to some close racing
  9. You just can't beat a 7 speed TR, better to drive, cheaper to use (mpg) and a better return than money in the bank Whats not to like..........
  10. Battery terminals for the trickle/ condition charge.......... unlike a 'JUMP START' where you would connect the negative to the frame or engine block
  11. Ian The NLG will be at Stony Stratford for the Classic/ VSCC meet tomorrow, mostly in the TR's although I'm grabbing a lift in Dan's Citroen DS (nice) Last year for the VSCC involvment I understand, so catch it if you can
  12. LNK has had 5 water pumps in 12 yrs and 50,000 miles, one was a pin hole in the 50 yr old housing, changed out the whole thing. One went in italy, bearing failed, changed in the car park (had spare), two were Tom's bad batch, leaking out of the bottom hole, failed within a couple of weeks of each other. Both replaced under warranty (thanks Tom) 'GOOD' replacement still going strong. Spare, complete with pulley, in tank cavity. Easy fix, three bolts but it is a weak link, been on a few tours where a TR has had an issue.............. so carry a spare
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