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  1. Thanks Stuart I think my 'top' piping is hidden underneath the Surrey top base return as it just disappears up into the Surrey frame ?
  2. Hi Harry Could be the difference between cars with Hoods and those with Surrey Tops ? Everyday is a school day
  3. Hi Rich As far as I can tell it is 'A' only, no B. Library picture below, hope this helps
  4. Thanks PJ, I'll give that a go
  5. MX5 front spacer. Hi JP. Did you buy the spacers or run them up ? Interested in a pair if available. Thank you
  6. The plot thickens. Headlamps LEDs fail and side lights are 'maybe' OK . . . . . Ref insurance, just renewed with TRR scheme, they are very happy to cover LED's including headlamps, no cost, just noted on file So, do we drive in the dark or skip MOT's (which most of us can) and pay for an hours labour at a specialist and get a 'safety check' documented ?? I might leave LNK on H4's as I have the spots as well. However, Moby (Mk2 2500 sal) may have to go another way as she is fully LED's and used for night rallies !!
  7. Well, its March 14th, has anybody actually had either a LED MOT pass or fail so far ? LNK is due in June, somebody must be due sooner . . . . .
  8. Stuart / Tony Any idea when the Long bonnet came in? I think that, from Archive photos, all the 'Works' TR4 had long bonnets bulges (LBB), which would appear to make the change pre April 1962, which is when they were registered. LNK, registered the following month, May 1962, currently with a LBB !!
  9. Sorry, never heard of them. I'm on Vredestein Sprint Classic's (nicer side wall ) https://www.vredestein.co.uk/classic/news/vredestein-sprint-classic-in-top-tyre-test/ The Germans love a tyre test ! Other makes are available . . . . . .
  10. Hi Andy Yes, Velcro straps onto wiper arms, same as those used for the door, Halfords ! So five attachment points, both wipers, both doors and the fuel filler. On (or off) in under a minute with a co-pilot, very secure. Other benefit is that it rolls up to almost nothing and you can use one of the attachments as a compression strap......
  11. As LNK has a Surrey I can't speak to the tonneau cover. However, I can recommend a turret cover for additional protection whilst on tour, away from the garage. Additional weather storm protection, UV damage and security (if they can't see it, they're unlikely to try to steal it). Home made, the wife made a pattern, wouldn't be without it
  12. Hi John Your question, not that I'm aware of, so I had one made, top hung, no shroud, early dome glass as mine is '62 TR4. Took a modern Voltmeter and got Speedy cables to do a custom dial and graphics. However, to be period correct, for 62, only three of the four minor dials are Jaeger, the Ammeter was Lucas. However if your car is earlier then Jaeger might be correct (just wasn't for me)
  13. +1 for the Revotec. Spal also good, and as Tom says, fit the highest rated kit that will fit. Finally a puller rather than a pusher (if you have room) Cheaper fans available but they won't feel like a bargain when you on the hard shoulder boiling over
  14. Sorry Tom. Technical error Lets settle for light throttle opening Ps. No cold start, garaged when cold, never been a problem but appreciate cold start could be an issue, especially if not properly set up
  15. Had mine on the inner wing for 15yrs, no problem, easy to get to, swap over etc
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