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  1. Tip: If TR parked outside and you know/ think its going to rain, unclip the catches for the INNER flap, and 'flap' them outside, over the glass Wind and or heavy rain can force water into the cabin, this parking mod will help keep 99% of it outside the car
  2. I'm sure Ian Cornish will be along in a moment but I beleave the works rally team asked for a Hardtop option. This would allow them to compete in the coupe class (instead of Sportscar ??) Standard had to offer it as main stream, for homologation purposes .......................but I could be wrong, its been a LONG day
  3. Thanks Stuart, I just recalled them blowing up !
  4. Whilst not a TR6, Moby does have a TR6 engine and we normally drive it like we stole it (only joking officer) in the lower gears Abroad doing the 10CR or similar, the engine will cruise as fast as is reasonable in the conditions, OR, you can ride the torque I was once told the 'big no no' with old engines is changing how you drive them. Engines that have dawdle along for years don't take to suddenly being raced up to the red line Remember early S1 XJ6 2.8, cruised around at 2000 rpm all year and then raced on the annual holiday abroad, promptly blew up !! Conclusion: Once run in, drive it to your style, change the oil annually and enjoy..............
  5. Repeated at 1am Tuesday 25th Feb
  6. Having had a fire in Moby, I now carry two extinguishers in both Moby & 93LNK (as, having emptied the first one you have nothing left for a re-flash fire) 93LNK, both stored in the surrey, strapped to roll cage. Moby, one in cabin, one in boot
  7. Hi Andrew Just catching up with this, GREAT trip, nowhere is too far in a TR ! I did Pau in 2018 and the Monaco Historic before that, looks like you stitched it all together (Mental note: must try harder) Meanwhile, good to hear about your return to work, take it steady and try not to break too much of the TR whilst in rehab Cheers
  8. Got our entry (Team Moby) hope we can avoid a repeat of our Oh Deer ! moment............. Looking forward to it
  9. Any TR is a good TR and good to see another 7 rescued out of storage and back into use. Please keep us informed and post the follow up photos
  10. Stock sounds excellent, sorry you didn't trade out of more of it. Part of the problem I feel is, not everybody wants to (or has the room) to hold 'just in case' spares other than touring kits. Its a timing issue The main problem is when you need to replace OE stuff that has failed in service, and your TR is off the road, then you land up buying **** Chinese junk What we need is a source of good OE spares (when we need them) and most of us are happy to pay the extra for the good stuff ......but we know this anyway doesn't we, just saying
  11. Welcome to the forum, I'm pretty sure some of LNK ('62) originates Stateside, so you're in good company Looking forward to some photos !
  12. Tim I'll be there with the Doc in MOBY (white Triumph 2000 Mk2 ).........now repaired after a Deer strike on the Coast 2 Coast 4th or poss 5th 10CR, can't remember, but looking forward to it
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