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  1. I have changed my mind, and you are right about the seats being replaced. I had a closer look today and found that the backrest on one af the seats can tip forward. This indicates that they are from a TR3 according to Bill Piggots book. I can also see that the piping on the leather cusions were made of wicker trim as well, a prevous owner had this cut away, but there are traces of it still there. Also someone thought that this red trim was better than the wicker trim, he must have had problems with his eyes. Gunnar
  2. I dont think the backrest has been replaced, the history of the car has information that it was taken off the road already in june 1965, and the wear of the cushion matches the wear of the backrest. It was only used on the road for 11 years. They had a hard life with many owners, changing owner almost every year. During its 11 years in traffic it had 10 owners, not counting car dealers. The longest period was four years on the owner next to the last one, The document also shows that when we started with mandatory MOT in 1965 there is a note for the car to pass this before June 13 1965. Then there is a note of due to not passing the MOT, the car is not allowed in traffic. And the last note is that the car was withdrawn from the registry on June 30 1965, with comment; "Scrapped". Luckily this did not happen. Gunnar
  3. Here are two pictures from what remains of the seats and one door side. What is interesting compared to the pictures Stuart found on Ebay, is that my seat has the wicker pattern on the bottom side of the cushion only. Back rest is black vinyl and seat cushion is grey leather, as the heritage certificate listed: Interior grey (leather). They seem to have used the wicker pattern material scattered here and there. Gunnar
  4. I will post some pictures of one seat and also one door trim to show the wicker pattern, do you have a good link to where to put the pictures? I also have to tell you how important it is to try to contact the previous owners to get the history of the car. My car was not a barnfind, but it was found outside a small cottage here in Sweden, when I got in around 1976. One big problem was that I did not have any registration number, I had the old style of tax holder we had long ago in Sweden, but it was empty. Since we changed to a new registration system in 1973 and the car was off the road then it was impossibleto trace it with only the chassis number. The old system was based on local areas, like the english countys, and my county were I found the car was Östergötland. It must have had an E-registration I hoped. In 1950-60 the swedish police sold a register of all cars registered in a particular county for a specific year, so I found on Swedish Ebay a book for my county for 1962. It was a list of around 70000 cars. The system was in numerical order starting with E1 for the governors car, E2 for the bishop and so on. The book showed the number, year, make (no model) and owner and his/her address. Luckily for the year of my car 1954 Triumph only made TR:s. So after going through 70000 posts I ended up with two Triumps 1954 and could then ask for a copy from the Swedish Archive where these registers are now. After a week I got two copies, but of course they were the wrong cars. Back to square one. Another book on Ebay and I found a similar book for 1958, this time with two counties D and E-county, together around 100000 cars. Looking through these, quite a few hours work, I ended with another two from E-county. One week later I had two copies in my post box, the first witch chassi number TS538L (wrong again). But the other was my car TS528L, and now I have an identity and previous owners of my car. I looked up three of them that were still alive, well above 80 years old. They were very surprised when I called them and told that the car still existed, one of them was the second owner of the car and had a lot of stories to tell me about it, which I took notes of. I asked him about the colour of the car and he remembered that it was a very light green colour, I told him that it was Ice Blue, but he said it was definitely a green tone. I then told him that the colour I found on the car was orange, and he replied: Oh yes I painted i orange 1957 the day before midsummers eve, he thought it was a much more sporting colour. "You cant imagine how many girls I have had as passengers in that car!" So before its too late, try to contact previous owners and get their impressions and stories about your cars. Gunnar
  5. I have after many years started planning the restoration of my TR2, TS528L built on 2 February 1954. it has been in my possesion for over 40 years so it is a really long term project. The heritage certificate specifies the exterior colour as Ice Blue with a Grey (leather) interior. But the door sides and the side part of the seat cushion shows that it was originally fitted on these parts with the trim called "wicker pattern". I also suspect that the dashboard had the same trim. Since this is not available anymore (thankfully?), what is the replacement in your opinion? Gunnar Edit: wicked to wicker
  6. Yes, pulling the choke cable should first increase idle speed, and then lower the jets to increase fuel mixture for cold start. If the holes in the brass levers are worn (a lot), they will not lower the jets sufficiently to enrich the fuel mixture for cold start. Maybe the jets are stuck in brass jet bearing. Gunnar
  7. Hello After checking the IP-address Andrew found, this is maintained by MNT-NITEL (according to www.ripe.net) and MNT-NITEL is situated in Nigeria. I can here a loud warning bell ringing. Kind regards Gunnar
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