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  1. Hi Having problems fitting the plastic chrome strip into a new surrey light rubber seal, it goes in but does not sit tight to the seal leaving gaps at various places. Looks like the channel is not deep enough ? Anyone overcome similar problems. Cheers. Norman
  2. Alan Does the TR4 hood lift up at speed creating wind and rain to ingress, if so whats the best option to improve. Cheers.Norman
  3. Is it possible to fit a TR4A or TR5 Surrey Hood (H Frame) with all the fittings to a TR4 , and if so is this a better fitting option. At the moment i only have the Surrey back frame and glass fitted but have no other fittings or trim as yet. Any Advice would be grateful. Cheers. Norman
  4. Thanks for the pictures Rod just what i need. Cheers.Norman
  5. Can anyone supply me with some pictures of assembled Twin HS6 SU Carburetters, and linkages. From TR4 Cheers.Norman
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