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  1. TOA was sold last year via Ebay with many bidders none of which were in the UK The car was sold to Rob de Vos who arrived and purchased the car and trailer and is now residing in Holand. Rob has been using and adapting the car putting a good few road miles and as owner of a large Bosch deisel enterprise has entered it in the Eifiel Rallye entry no 82 I never envisaged the car in competition or worthy of a classic entry but realy chuffed the history of the car will live on. Me ?? bought a MK3 Cooper S last of 20 and starting a restore to re-live my youth. http://www.triumpht
  2. Sending entry in on Monday Chris TRreg and B&H member
  3. 20 years ago I had a mint Lotus Esprit S3 and wished I had kept it as acording to this site there are only 2 left. a neighbour was looking for one and I went with him to view a few, he now has a nice red one in the garage. There are only two in existance but I have one next door and looked a three others. Reliable info.
  4. Sadly I will not be able to compete much in 2011 but a few things will be improved on the car this year. Properly jetting and setting up the engine may give me another 10-15 BHP but I just remembered something I need to change. In my house of horrors during the build was the apauling exhaust system supplied by Rimmers and a second similar offering by another supplier that happened to have the same part number !!! so I ended up with 2 systems not fit for anything (should have got them on the trade descriptions). Look if you dare, Oh dear So has anyone got a contact for a competition exh
  5. If they are from Rimmers make sure they fit ! Chris
  6. This is a Tarmac rally, licence grades, car qualification and a good navigator is not things that most of us have, I did 30 years ago, have the car but long lost the finance to keep up the qualies and experience Last year could have been the last meet for the cars especialy now Bert Smeets has withdrawn due to lack of support, unless someone organises a restricted event somewhere I cannot see a future apart from rally days.
  7. A 7V8 is very tempting and seems like a good idea, however, to have a competetive 7V8 engine you may be looking at £3-6k. On the other hand as I see it the new Championship rules mean you are basicaly racing against yourself so you could throw in a standard V8 off ebay with oil presure and do 90mph at the finish on a climb if your lucky, be prepaired to buy a trailer though. Personaly I would play with the spitfire, fuel leaks aside :-) you could win the championship with perseverance. Chris
  8. First wet speed trials at Brighton I have ever encountered and I guess my lack of experience and no choice of tyre change made my 60ft time the worst of the year. But what fun, Ferrari's and hill climb cars in the barriers. TOA was straight off the line and the terminal 10mph up on last year in the dry so need to get the start sorted for 2011. Sorry about the posing just had to get the lights on for the press and fly the flag for the TR's My Pics
  9. Not sure but I think I have been watching the Allard for 20-25 years, may be wrong, however a scary monster and he has had some recent mishaps, salt flats I think. If you are not Turbo, 4WD and 1000hp you dont get a look in but many many people will stand and talk forever about a TR (or TVR) some of them claim. Personaly I have been going on and off for 40 years and always wished I could enter something, the car I ended up with has more clout with the orgs and marshals than most things on four wheels and a TR5 (John) would atract more attention then me, but like you maybe I am a driver
  10. Dont have a go at me I am in it again, not realy a competition but a chance for everyone to show off !! Lots of family troubles in the later half of this year meant I did not get to all the events I wanted to in my first year but had loads of fun anyway. The entry list is fantastic again and the best of all manufacturers is No 1
  11. Managed to get down to Goodwood on my way to Gurston 17/18th July and caught a few guys showing off
  12. Short vids at and a part 2. Entries who send me an email chris@cellis9.wanadoo.co.uk with your address, I will post a DVD. Regards Chris
  13. Hi Guys It was great to meet you all on Sat/Sunday and a great day, Rob.. I didnt see you go but great talking to you Sat night, should have had that other beer I offered you. My son made a right hash of the videos but I will be Utoobing some at the weekend. The white/red Evo5 was the big off, he already had the class record and his friends had told him to ease off, 109 through the finish line and unstable, snaked and straight into the trees on the right of the finish, ended up upside down. He was fine but the car was totaled. This guy messed up my last meeting by being in my class
  14. I may pass through Goodwood around 3.30 on Saturday and see a bit of the action, depends if the Marshalls let me pull the traler through the tunnel and park paddock side, I aint leavin it hitched up roadside, be gone no doubt. If not its the bar then
  15. Hi Rob Times at Goodwood were for a two lap from S/Start. 228 best run, First time at Goodwood last month spun it on every lap so this time without my rally head on knocked 10-15 seconds off a lap getting used to the car. Still only 300 miles on the clock. !! I have backed out of 17th Goodwood as I am working and the car is not realy suited but realy looking forward to Gurston, should be there Sat night and trying for sub 40s, just hoping I have the confidence not to back off at Hollow. Most of all looking forward to meeting some of you Guys. Chris
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