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  1. Thought so. Chris had mentioned it at Oulton last year. Can’t people simply sell their own cars? At least Chris on was fast. Had a few good races with Chris when he seemed up got it. Robs car usually when lapping it... Hopefully I might have found a better solution than selling mine (hideous process best avoided, and end up with a lot less then car really worth i.e. whats in it). Let mate that I got into racing this year (can’t get enough of it), run it and maintain it (main issue for me is running out of places for them all, and one less to maintain, saves a few quid - bill to get it back to 100% for next year hopefully the last for a while). Still get to race it a bit, but bring the 6 back out too. Hopefully this best compromise.
  2. Presume one might be Chris Edwards one?
  3. Thanks Hamish I'll check those out. Do hate selling cars (usually just keep them till they die (road cars), never sold a racer). I'll pm you an old doc I had when mulling over selling about 5 years ago but decided against it. Wanted one last crack at getting the engine reliable. Those to points I mentioned were obviously the base issues on my bottom end issues and if and going back to an iron head fixed that seal on the top (even if a tad less power - the thing was a work of art from a blank by a top Miglia builder). Spec much the same just all new bits since then! You probably know how much a ~200+bhp TR 4 pots costs! Fairly sure there isn't a faster one I know of.
  4. Seem you can have too many racers! One of them needs to go. Looks like it will be the TR4. I've had it for 30 yrs! Raced it initially on a very tight budget when in my 20's. Then when I had a bit more cash, raced alot from mid 90''s > 2000. This period was bloody brilliant, really close racing (stuff you would not get away with now but so much fun!!) in the TR Register, mostly between a small group of 4 pot TR's and some 6’s (Mike Hazelwood, Dave Bailey, Mike Hughes, Mike McKenna, Roy Chamberlin, Steve Chapman, and more). Car was fairly low budget to keep at this level and only started to get unreliable past 2000. Went down the route of getting fathers TR6 put to fast Roadsport spec (almost as fast as the TR4 in a fairly basic track spec but alot more reliable than the 4 had become), did this for a few years where the 6 won its class pretty much whenever it came out. Went back to the 4 for the mid 2000's (in the Thoroughbred Sportscars by this point) with steel crank, trick rods / pistons and the trick Ali head. It was very fast but reliability still not the greatest. So parked it in 2006 and through a big lump at making the TR6 a full house modified racer and raced that mostly since. 4 just sat about with the odd engine mod and driven on the road a fair bit. Tried to race it a few times but realised I needed to though most of the engine in the bin if ever going to get it fast AND reliable again! Think it all went in the bin bar the block and roller rockers, (did find out when we did a detailed check over at this point, most of the issues we'd had for so long were down to two thing (one the sump baffling - people who did it all that time back were supposedly the best at TR's and very clearly weren't! and the oil take off for the cooler, similar weird mods in there (thing had been on there since we'd bought it as a racer....))! New everything really (better steel crank, similar rods but lighter, pistons, liners, cam, etc, etc, and finally the ali head (made crazy power but always had and underlying sealing issue). With all this and going back to a really nicely done iron head it was finally fast again but as important, now seems pretty bombproof (not missed beat since below (Class Win in Swinging 60's). Car off getting a thorough Winter check over now. But where to sell it? Never thought I would....................... Probably isn’t a faster TR4 around. No its not fia and never was going to be, I always just wanted the fastest 4 pot TR…. Pic's below both Oulton, first 2002 (TR Register) and second from this year (Swing Sixties - same chicane).
  5. Be fun in my 65 tvr with similar power (alot faster!)....
  6. Mate had terrible clutch slip in Iso Rivolta. Drove home on open pipes! How GW gets away with that when their trackdays are lame mid 90’s on drive by!! Must have sounded like a Can-am.
  7. Aha, mate was 9 in his crazy big banger, 500+bhp, but the size and weight of a tank!
  8. I see a mate finished in 13th. No idea what he was in, has a v.long list of racers!
  9. Maybe Dave M? Mind have to swap brakes which is a real faff.
  10. Hi Chris, I’d have considered it but taking the Griff, plus much like most I think in CSCC we only bother getting National A licences as can do all we need on that.
  11. Forgot to put SD card in camera so no vids -Grrr. Pity as mate was really getting the hang of it in his 2nd and 3rd races. Started the Sunday on. As not done a standing start in it, lost a good few off the line but then over took a lot of cars in his stint. Close to my times by end of second race, so if we can get our pitstops sorted we can maybe start challenging for class wins again.
  12. Aha, Dave in your ex-weapon? My mate will have to up his game in his 2nd and 3rd races! You popping along mike? I have a few tickets.
  13. So who is sharing with Rob or team mate in 2nd car?
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