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  1. Nice one Chris. I’m at Brand this weekend in the non-triumph for American Speedfest (3 Sprint races on the Indy track). NASCAR Thunder . 37000 expected.....
  2. That bloody ginetta does spoil it for blo&dy everyone. Here in 14? When did first CSCC SS Race, would have won if it was not for it lapping most of field!! Pure race car, weigh 450kg!
  3. This Saturday. Out in TR4 with mate new to racing... Should be a few TRs out to have a battle with.
  4. Pagid RS42’s for a Girling 16 caliper. Just got set for when my m171 ferodos wear out (new but had for ever and no longer made, awesome).
  5. My mistake, same car Mike....
  6. Gregor not used to it though. Gromit used to be one of the fastest TR4s back in the TR Register days. 3 TR4’s
  7. Sounds like a plan Chris. We’ll try to give you a good race.
  8. Hi Chris, that would be good but think cscc have the 2x 40 min races there this year with Swinging Sixties and Classic K, not sure on Brit GTs included, can you check?
  9. Good, stiff min roll, monster slicks. Racing with Gerry M’s son at Spa summer meet in TR4.
  10. Corners so flat! Interesting mix of cars.
  11. Not a scratch, we’ll till I attempted to put on trailer.....,
  12. Cheers for the in depth review Chris ;)
  13. See you there. The 6’s will probably have the legs on me over the 4. Doubt the colour change will make it faster!
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