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  1. Hi Russell These look really good and will be a Godsend for anybody who has a car with them missing. Original sets (if you can find one!) sell for about £500.00 and would invariably need some fettling/repairs, so your price looks reasonable I would say. Presumably, you could make more at some point in the future were the demand there? There must be a few early TR2 owners in the US that need these. Cheers Simon
  2. Hi Peter The engine came loose on a pallet with no front plate. I believe all TR engined Morgans had a Vangaurd front plate fitted, which may explain it's removal. No water pump fitted either, in fact no ancillaries at all. There were two engines, but one was pretty much just the block with no innards. I haven't checked the number on that one yet. There were also two low port heads, one painted the same red as the engine. Checked up on one Morgan website, which immediately confirmed what Don thought above, so as sure as I can be that it us Morgan. Regards Simon
  3. Thanks Don Have just checked on a Morgan website and that appears to be correct. That's great. Thanks for your help. Simon
  4. Hi All A quick question, to which I should know the answer, but don't or have forgotten. I have a TR2 engine which is just about to be listed on ebay. Engine number is TS5027ME - see pic. I am sure I have come across this before, but have forgotten what the M stands for. Just want to get the listing accurate. Any help appreciated. Regards, Simon Westlake
  5. Hi Richard I may have what you need. As with all the very rare stuff I have ever owned, they found me by chance. Annoyingly for you know doubt, is that they came with a load of other stuff I bought from a guy in Scotland! They look to be in good condition. To be honest, I didn't understand the significance of them until I looked into them. 9" are readily available new (at £354.00 each!), but 10" don't seem to have been available new or second hand for decades. If Stuart says they are rare, they must be. He would know. Feel free to contact me if interested. I'll ping you an email as well. Regards, Simon
  6. Hi All I know Russell personally, also live close enough to him to have seen these parts first hand. They are exceptionally accurate, very good quality reproduction parts, which were copied from original Stanpart items. I have checked, and you cannot buy the linkages new anywhere, which was a surprise to me. Saying that, the parts (as usual) are far more complicated than they first appear, especially the lever with the spindle insert, which may possibly have been too expensive for other companies to replicate commercially. Anyway Russell, well done for managing to do it. I know it wasn't a simple or cheap thing to do. Cheers, Simon (Westlake)
  7. Hi All I am fortunate enough to own an original example of the fitted suitcase, which was sold as an accessory for use in TR2 -TR3B. It is made by Brexton, the original suppliers to Standard Triumph, who were well known at the time for supplying luggage, picnic hampers etc. Mine is a deepish blue (not sure which shade) and in pretty good condition for it's age, with only minor faults. I wish to sell it, but cannot establish what it's value is, as they never seem to come on the market, such is their scarcity. I have already had one substantial offer from the US, but need to check if it is resonable. It seems to me that paying for one is a minor issue, compared to the task of actually finding one to buy in the first place. Anybody got any ideas on value? Any help appreciated. Regards Simon
  8. Hi Stuart - long time no speak! Hope all is well. I only asked because the column diameter on my 3B is the same top and bottom - about 20mm. This would suggest that the box and internals themselves might be a different part number for an adjustable column? 3B's are truly a one off, and the more you dig, the more differences there are. Some are only tiny things, but still enough to make them different. Lebro/Iain Thanks for that, may well leave it as original, as surely that is the whole point of having an early car? Many thanks, ~Simon
  9. Thanks Paul, and I pretty much agree with all of that. I'm also aware of the two companies you mention. I am not paranoid about originality, but like to keep things original when I can, without compromising practibility too much. I was more interested in whether it was an option or not, and what was available originally, as the arts books don't fully explain. However, I would like to keep the original control head operational, and I believe that even this is possible now with a slip ring product produced by Bastuck in Germany, but have yet to investigate this fully. Many thanks, Simon
  10. Hi everybody, I hope someone can help with this. Apologies if this subject has been covered before, but I can't readily find the answer I need. I have a 3B, which is fitted with a LHD, split type, adjustable steering column, as I believe they all were. At some point I want to convert it to RHD, which gives me the usual dilemma of whether to stick with the original worm and peg set up, or go R&P. My question is this, if I do stick with original, do I need to find the bottom half of a RHD adjustable split column (very hard to find I would suggest), or could a non adjustable RHD bottom half be used - i.e can you fit the top part of an adjustable column to a non adjustable bottom half? If so, this would presumably require some sort of special adaptor coupling? (I know for a certain fact that the split type adjustable column exists in both left and right hand drive versions). Any help or advice would be appreciated, or even parts Many thanks, Simon
  11. Hi Roger It is in the 14xxx's - CT14270L as stated. Not sure where the confusion is there. I was 10 in the late 60's, and have never owned a Bond micro car, so not me. In my experience, there could be a considerable time difference between when it was manufactured and when it was actually sold and registered in the US, which may be the date on the C&E certificate. Only the factory record would record the build date accurately, but C&E stated 1962, which could be months away from the build date. Thanks anyway, Simon
  12. HI Roger No, definitely as stated - non overdrive. I have been through the zero for O saga with the DVLA with a TR5 I owned. They would not change the zero for an O, but did agree to leave a gap between it and the rest of the number. The TR4 was a 1962 white dash car. It was never UK registered, but had a C&E 386 customs certificate as imported from the USA by a previous owner to me. Obviously, I passed that on to the next owner when I sold it. Thanks Simon
  13. Hi All I used to own this car at around 1988 - 1992 and still have the original commission plate. I think is was removed for painting. I would just like to pass it on to the current owner. Simon Westlake
  14. Hi All The eBay number is correct and Don's link above does work. My car is TCF4XXL, so the later and best series. The seat on the right in Don's photo is the same as mine, so proven I think? I take the point about anything available in the factory will do, especially with the transition cars! Thanks Simon
  15. Hi All I have imported a TR3B from the US. The last owner had it for 52 years, so I know it is in original, unrestored, never been taken apart condition. I would have known that anyway just from looking at it. I thought the seat bases had been repaired, as the strengthening pressings are missing from the centre of the seat bases. However, there is another 3B on eBay at the moment (item 332315446603) which has the same seat bases as mine, i.e a flat areas in the centre of the base. So, I am coming to the conclusion that TR3B seats are in fact a hybrid of early TR4 seats. It looks very much to me like the factory used early TR4 seats and simply removed the dishing in the pressing of the base, leaving a flat area in the centre. They are not altered TR4 seats, the bases were pressed like this from new. This would make sense given they were built alongside early TR4's, and using TR3A runners would require the dish to be removed. Does anybody have any knowledge of this, or have a 3B to confirm or otherwise? Any info' appreciated. Thanks Simon
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