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  1. Hi All As the title, I am looking for a TR4/4A metal dash back, acceleratior pedal and possibly a steering rack. Any condition considered. Collection from Stoneleigh on 21st preferred Cheers Sean Please PM
  2. Hi. Thanks A couple of my friends have checked all there cylinder heads and they all have 302137 which is different to the heads I am collecting. The seller tells me the engines were last ran in a Vanguard Cheers Sean.
  3. Hi all I am collecting two engines tomorrow both have CT*****E stamped on the block so I am confident they are late TR4A engines but have dc37. b/L301435. d296 b/L301435 on the head which are different numbers to the heads of friends. Can anyone identify those numbers? Cheers Sean
  4. Hi In my experience of using two repro panels you need to unpick them as Stuart said but the main valance section is still to long for the bottom edge of the boot lid. I have cut the valance in the centre below the boot handle vertically removing 10mm then reweld up to get a nice fit around the corners of the boot lid. Cheers Sean
  5. Hi Richard I am looking at the inner wings. There are several holes around the engine bay which may be for pipe clips,electrics and carpets fixings etc. I just want to weld up the correct ones. Cheers Sean.
  6. Hi Graham Last year after rebuilding my TR5 engine and on a Lucas system I had the same issue on first start up. I found the starter and battery could not crank the engine fast enough to bleed the injectors. I linked the battery to my euro box, revved up the euro which put enough power to spin the engine that little faster and it fired. More recently after changing the pump for a newly refurbished Lucas pump I had the same issue, I used a £1 tin of easy start spraying it down the long air box got the engine to fire brefly doing this a few times it ran on a couple of cylinders then it gradua
  7. Hi Richard and Pete Sketches are great Richard Does anyone have any photos? Pete like my 4A I have gone for welding them up. Cheers Sean.
  8. Hi All I have a late 64 TR4 which was built for the USA market but has now returned to the UK. I am converting it to RHD, does anyone have any pictures of a stripped engine bay which is know to have all the correct holes etc, so I can drill and weld up the ones no longer needed. Cheers Sean seantindletr at hotmail dot co dot uk
  9. Hi Maggie Ok, pity I have a new rear arch spare. Cheers Sean
  10. Hi Maggie I don't have the book to hand. Is the front or rear arches your after? Cheers Sean.
  11. Hi All This is the Triplex sign on my original window with the three x then toughened underneath Incidentally it's on fleebay for top money which is reflected in its condition and delivered. Trying to raise penny's for a new TR4 project I have my eye on The reduced size of the picture has hazed the picture anyone wanting a clearer picture drop me a message Cheers Sean
  12. TR5's we're not fitted with inertia switches Cheers Sean.
  13. Hi Jim On both my cars I cut the required holes to gain access. Solenoid and angle drive. Then cut some plastic guttering I had spare, warmed it with the heat gun until it became soft and pliable, using my welding gloves mouldered it to shape trial and error over the hole, trimming and rewarming where nessesary. Then used some rubber to seal the gap, spire clips etc to fix in place. Making your own gives the benefit of cutting the hole as large or small as you require. Works well and free. Cheers Sean.
  14. Hi All Thanks for the replied Stuart confined what I thought. Cheers Sean.
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