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  1. I’ve owned my TR6 for 27 years now and in the early days I used to be able to drive in to any tyre centre and they’d be able to deal with my wire wheels. Now nobody will touch them. Who do people use for fitting new tyres (I’ve already got the tyres) in the East Midlands? I’m in Leicester.
  2. It’s definitely on then? Weather here (Leicester) suggests it shouldn’t be!
  3. Would love to, would they be able to do that but my old speedo went “POP!” last week!!
  4. Hi John, the car is on old (wrong size) tyres at present.
  5. A long shot but has anyone got the figures for the number of turns of the inner speedo cable their car makes with ten turns of the rear wheel? Your car needs to be identical to how mine will be; 3.7 diff 25% J type OD 195/65/15 tyres cheers, Jake
  6. jake_a

    paint scheme

    I believe it was a textured 3M style sealant rather than just paint, but I’m sure someone will confirm or otherwise.
  7. Thank you Tom. As I think you know I’ve owned her since I was 22. I’m 50 this year!
  8. Mine will be even more difficult to value. ex USA RHD conversion owned for 27 years Older restoration massive history folder many recent upgrades rust free Im wondering whether £15k is enough, too much, or about right?!
  9. Has anyone got a link to an accurate grid showing TR6 values? The ones in the magazines never seem to change year on year!
  10. The bit I’m talking about is the loose end on yours. Does it curl around the end of the runner at that end.
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