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  1. I thought it was limited to 16 presets?
  2. jake_a


    Yes, the corner pieces on saloons are identical. However most people know this so you won’t find them much cheaper off a saloon! Make sure you don’t get the ones with the holes for the rubber strips though (different part number), unless you are happy getting the mounting holes welded over (original rubber strip ones come up much more often, even NOS sometimes). See here for confirmation of the interchangeability: https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-910158 Jake
  3. Hi Peter, The engine is CC783xxUE. I’ve checked with a couple of the specialists in the last hour too and they say they are interchangeable, and have said the same as you about valves. Very helpful Peter, thanks. Jake
  4. Would anyone know if a 313248 (219015) head would be a straight replacement for a 312388 (218225) head? I’m looking at getting the latter unleaded whilst continuing to run my USA carb car (CC781xxL) and then just replacing one with the other to keep the car on the road for the rest of the summer.
  5. I’ve discovered that 123 will install their product inside my original 22D distributor and retain its mechanical drive for the taco. Unfortunately it’s only the most expensive Bluetooth version that they do this for!
  6. Only trouble with that is that I’m likely to be swapping engines to a spare used UK spec one I’ve got which doesn’t have a dizzy and I’m guessing I’d need to get DD to redo it to match the engine, whereas the 123 will happily swap engines till the cows come home.
  7. I’ve owned my December 71 build car for 26 years and it’s had the same dizzy since I bought it. It’s fair to say it is pretty worn! The car is still on its original 175s. I’ve always run the car on a budget so please no well intentioned suggestions about changing to SUs or Pi, etc! There are lots of posts on here about the 123 distributor but I can’t find any that relate to fitting one to an American spec car. Does anyone know if the cheaper 123 will suffice with my bog standard 106 bhp engine (ie will one of the preset advance curves work) or is it worth/necessary spending the extra on the “tune” version. Thanks, Jake
  8. I want to try and use a liquid gasket to deal with the leak (top edge of the cover), I guess I could just loosen off all the bolts and pull it forward enough to put some sealant inbetween the cover and the block?
  9. As the title says, is it possible to get the fan pulley off, and the chain cover without moving the rack (as instructed in the Triumph Workshop Manual)?
  10. Hi, any luck? The problem with the idea of using a length of hose is that the clearance for the fuel line is very tight, and anything even slightly thicker than the metal tube may cause problems.
  11. I went to replace one of the fuel pipe clamps (the one that bolts into the water pump housing) because it was corroded. Turns out what remained of the rubber grommet and the clamp were hiding (and sealing) the badly corroded fuel pipe. I had 5 horrific minutes of fuel pouring out but have managed to seal it now. Problem is, pipe 519396 is seemingly now unavailable from any of the specialists. I have neither the skills, the equipment, nor the time to make one a replacement. Any suggestions? Anyone got one? Its part number 81 here: http://www.revingtontr.com/catalogueimages/TR6CPCC_1/j.jpg Jake
  12. Sorry if this is the wrong place for such a request but I can't find an email address anywhere to send some paperwork to the TR Register Insurance bods; anyone?
  13. Stuart, yeah, except silly me tried to do it on a budget and thought only the servo needed to be done, so bought that separately late last year..............
  14. Cheers guys; easy when you know it can be done! However, I now know the MC is kaput and need to order a new one; have the quality issues been sorted yet if I buy from one of the known suppliers (TR Shop, Rimmers, etc.)?
  15. jake_a

    New Wheels

    Unless you frequent garage clubs (of the musical genre variety), call people "bro", and are obsessed with "bling" then I think the Revolutions are not for you ! ;-)
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