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  1. I fitted TRGB cv shafts complete with hubs Ride so much better Alec
  2. Hi You may have a stuck injector easy to remove & inspect I have had this happen a few times Others will answer your problem soon with more details on how to correct a stuck injector & or bleed the injector whilst out off the manifold
  3. My was new a couple of years ago but failed prior to MOT (yes dont have to get MOT) new pump from a motor factors outlet & fitted in 5 minutes. Because the pumps are rarely used they seize up with the washer fluid inside. Will try to remember to use the pump a few times each year.
  4. Have recently replaced hubs & drive shafts with TRGB units complete with CV joints. 1974 TR6 PI owned for 34 years.
  5. I had this vibration problem at speeds approaching 70 the car is a 74 model & have owned for 34 years & as far as I can remember never had anything done to the rear wheel bearings / hub ect I had the opportunity to replace the hubs & drive shafts with the TRGB versions with CV joints although rather expensive the cured the vibration & make the car feel more positive in fast bends.
  6. alec

    Rear end clunk

    Hi Have a look at the spare tyre fixing bolt that goes through the rear tubular cross member my rubber washers had deteriorated which in my case squeaked a lot like a suspension bush noise. Alec
  7. Hi I fitted the 165 T-Tracs last year & very pleased. I also emailed my insurance company with details of the tyres fitted. Reply muted no concern.
  8. Is the car fitted with an oil cooler ! One of my pipes developed a pin hole leak had to take the rad duct cover off it was in a section of pipe not rubbing on any metal parts can only think a stone caused a very small cut. All sorted now Alec
  9. Hi Anybody I had a lot of work carried out by Manvers Triumph in the past, sadly all gone now, does any body know where the ex machanics went, Bob in particler, or got a any contact info Alec
  10. alec

    PI run on

    Steve The engine was rebuilt to 180 bhp spec by Clive Manvers, he had a great engine builder at that time approx 2005. But that was with weber carbuetors if fitted. I kept the refurb PI injection. The car is very driveable from low revs which was my request as we used the car for many long road trips in Europe. After the rebuild, approx 6 months had the car on a rolling road down south can not remember the garage father & son team I had 155 engine power with 121 odd at the wheels Since then I had the distributor refurbed by the Distributor Doctor it was way out which wa
  11. alec

    PI run on

    Hi Had a run on problem with my 1974 PI (owned 34years) last year replaced my Beru Ultra X UX56 with new UX56 plugs bought from the Green Spark Plug company. The prevoius plugs I bought off ebay & suspected they were cheap copies. The problem I had was a slight run on which I had never experienced before. Engine would turn a few times then clonk out. But with the new UX56 plugs the run on was greatley reduced. Still occurs very ocassionaly. The car runs very well with plenty of power & on a motorway runs & returns 30mpg The car has been on a rolling road at
  12. Is a oil cooler fitted with thermostat. Refitting new oil pipes. Accidental reconnected my pipes on the thermostat the incorrect way & caused drastic low oil pressure reversed pipes & oil pressure returned to normal
  13. Hi I had same problem with my 76 TR6 owned 34 years original solenoid although car has had a gearbox & overdrive overhaul. The fault was caused by the original spade connection on the solenoid was loose. The overdrive worked for a while then cut out. Guess terminal overheated New spade connector fitted & whilst at it fitted a new earth lead. Hope this helps Alec
  14. Hi All Ordered seat belt brackets from Paul arrived the following day took less than 10 minutes to fit Should have had these fitted years ago They work a treat Alec
  15. I had this problem on my 74 TR6 It was a corroded loose connection on the solenoid. Original push on crimp lug was replaced but had done well for 40 years
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