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  1. Is the car fitted with an oil cooler ! One of my pipes developed a pin hole leak had to take the rad duct cover off it was in a section of pipe not rubbing on any metal parts can only think a stone caused a very small cut. All sorted now Alec
  2. Hi Anybody I had a lot of work carried out by Manvers Triumph in the past, sadly all gone now, does any body know where the ex machanics went, Bob in particler, or got a any contact info Alec
  3. alec

    PI run on

    Steve The engine was rebuilt to 180 bhp spec by Clive Manvers, he had a great engine builder at that time approx 2005. But that was with weber carbuetors if fitted. I kept the refurb PI injection. The car is very driveable from low revs which was my request as we used the car for many long road trips in Europe. After the rebuild, approx 6 months had the car on a rolling road down south can not remember the garage father & son team I had 155 engine power with 121 odd at the wheels Since then I had the distributor refurbed by the Distributor Doctor it was way out which was corrected. Peter Baldwin at Wishers Garage was very experienced with the PI system ( ne has ceased trading but he was well into his 70's) surely some other members have had there car on his rolling road. Did not get any print out info from Peter but he showed me the readout whilst the car was at approx max power. I was driving the car following his instructions by hand signals car was a tad loud. Find attached RR & Didtributor info Note The first RR test was carried out with 95oct in the tank & proir to the distributor refurb as attached Alec
  4. alec

    PI run on

    Hi Had a run on problem with my 1974 PI (owned 34years) last year replaced my Beru Ultra X UX56 with new UX56 plugs bought from the Green Spark Plug company. The prevoius plugs I bought off ebay & suspected they were cheap copies. The problem I had was a slight run on which I had never experienced before. Engine would turn a few times then clonk out. But with the new UX56 plugs the run on was greatley reduced. Still occurs very ocassionaly. The car runs very well with plenty of power & on a motorway runs & returns 30mpg The car has been on a rolling road at Wilshers Garage Peter Baldwin who trained as an apprentice on Triumph PI cars. This was in 2016 Feb Peter recalibrated the metering unit on the rollers & got 180 bhp at 4000rpm The rolling road part of the garage has now closed. But still get a little run on occasionally so guess something still amiss. Only use 98 petrol mainly BP or Shell. Nothing else changed on the car. Electronic points in the distributor since engine rebuild by manvers & covered 50K miles since 2005 Alec
  5. Is a oil cooler fitted with thermostat. Refitting new oil pipes. Accidental reconnected my pipes on the thermostat the incorrect way & caused drastic low oil pressure reversed pipes & oil pressure returned to normal
  6. Hi I had same problem with my 76 TR6 owned 34 years original solenoid although car has had a gearbox & overdrive overhaul. The fault was caused by the original spade connection on the solenoid was loose. The overdrive worked for a while then cut out. Guess terminal overheated New spade connector fitted & whilst at it fitted a new earth lead. Hope this helps Alec
  7. Hi All Ordered seat belt brackets from Paul arrived the following day took less than 10 minutes to fit Should have had these fitted years ago They work a treat Alec
  8. I had this problem on my 74 TR6 It was a corroded loose connection on the solenoid. Original push on crimp lug was replaced but had done well for 40 years
  9. Has the pump moved & is touching the body work, this happened to me whilst on holiday in France sounded like the pump was going to give up. Bosch pump kit on flexi mount plate but pump had slipped back & was touching body work. Alec
  10. Hi Duncan Had this problem a few years back 1974 TR6 J Type Yes check gearbox/overdrive oil level My fix was a very loose electrical connection on the overdrive solenoid new spade terminal fitted jumping out of overdrive fixed. Alec
  11. Hi I had a similar problem with my 1974 TR6 the overdrive would drop out then re- engage again after a few seconds. The spade connector onto the solenoid was loose / corroded. 42 years old. New spade terminals & new earth lead fixed the problem. So check there first. Alec
  12. Hi If its the same Bob who built engines for Manvers 10 years ago then my engine has done 60K travelling all over Europe for our holidays - heat of Itay & south of France & of course the Stelvio ( well that's a different story had to change the plugs when we came down) Engine built for 180hp but running on pi rolling road showed 163hp but only 122hp at wheels but hey that's b--- good Car owed 32 years Alec
  13. Hi I have had this problem in the past. Just turned out to be the battery terminals. The terminals were tight but corrosion on the battery lead posts was sufficient to cause an open circuit. Just a twist on the terminals got me going again. Now I check & clean the battery terminals yearly. Alec
  14. Hi Sean Might be a long shot but:- Have owned my TR6 for 30years plus. The gearbox & overdrive were reconditioned 6 years ago & has covered 35,000 miles since no problems 105,000 miles on the clock. Last year on our way to euro tunnel on the M2 the overdrive suddenly cut out then after a few seconds cut back in this continued so left the overdrive off. Early part of this year did I get the car on hoist & found the earth connection, crimp lug, only just making connection i.e very loose, the earth link to gear box was replaced with new & problem resolved. Worth a check & clean both terminals. Alec
  15. Yes believe you can purchase a repair kit for the alternator. But a replacement alternator can be purchased for about £50 as an exchange. This ensures you should not have any further problems with bearings etc. If the alternator is quite new then a repair kit will be lot cheaper as long as you fit it yourself. I have had my TR6 30 rears plus & I think this is the 3rd alternator. Car has been unused for a number of years which does not help the electrics. But the last 7 years have covered 45k miles touring Europe Scotland Wales etc The reason the ignition light stays on can only be a diode allowing current / voltage back up to the ignition light. A auto electrician should be able to give you answers.
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