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  1. Is there space to extend the pipes a bit further.
  2. Yes you leave axle in place and should be easy job with a lift as opposed crawling under with axle stands. You should be prepared to fit a speedie sleeve on the boss of the drive flange as there is often a groove worn into it by the seal. Mark the nut and the spigot before removal then re tighten the nut to the mark.
  3. The mechanical pump runs off the cam shaft and if the lobe for the pump is on the high point the priming lever will not work. Crank the motor over off the high point and the priming lever will then work.
  4. I bought a j type conversion bracket for my 3a and it failed. The cut out for the solenoid weakens the bracket and it suffered a fatigue crack and failed allowing the uv joint to drop onto the chassis plate. If you go this route suggest you add gussets to strengthen.
  5. The bracket is formed with a very tight bend and it failed along the fold line. I was in a group touring outback Queensland when it failed at 120 kph 200 km from civilization with no mobile phone coverage. Cost me a very expensive ride on a tow truck but got it "repaired" to continue the journey with the help of a couple of fellow travellers and a small town workshop who allowed us the use of his equipment. The mount has been on the car for about 18 months but this was the first long trip over some rough roads. There is room to add some small gussets at each end of the mount to stren
  6. Beware of J Type gearbox mounts sold for converting a sidescreen to a saloon box. The mount has a cutout for the solenoid on one side and the metal is too thin for the job. I just experienced a failure (cracked and broken mount) causing the back of the box to drop until the uv joint hit on the centre chassis section.
  7. J type photo attached
  8. J type do not have a plate similar to A type they use a 3" cast aluminium adaptor
  9. What wheels are fitted to your car. Are they standard Triumph wheels in which case you have a big problem or are they wheels from another car such as a Datsun which have a different offset.
  10. A big plus of fitting in the bulkhead is ease of operation (every time i park my car) and speed of operation. With smoke eascaping from under the dash do not panic....just find the key ...get out of the car...open the hood....isolate the battery.
  11. Install a smoke extinguisher switch in the bulhead (battery isolation switch) that you can operate from the drivers seat .......self defence for connections north and south of the fuse block.
  12. My understanding (from Qld transport) was that Triumph provided an adaptor to convert from the original wheel mounting face to wire wheels. Spacers move the position of the Triumph wire wheel adaptor further from the original wheel mounting face and are therefore not legal.
  13. I think you will find that wheel spacers that you describe are not legal in Australia as they were not originally supplied by Triumph
  14. you may have to alter the mounting angle of the float bowl to suit the 4A.
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