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  1. Any time mate, just give me a buzz to ensure I'm in. You've got my number? Nigel
  2. Oh Dave Why didn't you ring me first. These guys can be real Bar Stewards and if they don't like the look of you it will take ages, a friend of ours (a copper) took six attempts to get his Mk 1 Escort through !! My advice is bite the bullet and take it somewhere to do the work and get them to put it through the test, the professionals know how to handle the inspectors. In Ramsey you have Westminster motors, never used them myself but have good reports from the Jaguar lads. In Onchan you can try Carrera, based at Corkill's filling station (they have an excellent body man) or in Douglas, Lace Auto Centre on South Quay, not had work done myself but I know they are classic friendly. One guy I know has a stable including a TR7 and he swears by Steve Lace. There are some pirates out there so if you try someone else, please ask first, one garage had one of my cars for 6 months and a mate's 4 years. Best of Luck and ring me if you want. Cheers Nigel
  3. Deeply ashamed!!!!!!! Renewed insurance today and the mileage on the 6 was 60127. Checked last years renewal and the mileage was.......60127. RIGHT THAT'S IT. Must sort out those squealing brakes, everything replaced and they still whine. Been asked not to take it out on club runs as every-one is embarrassed. The overdrive takes about three hours to kick in when hot, oil changed, now need to change the relay clean up all the lecky contacts. Bought the new foam for the seats (each time we get in it we have to hoover the crumbles up) 12 months ago. I must be very nice to the gracious lady and request humbly for assistance. On second thoughts by the time I have done the washing and ironing, hovered the house, mopped the floors, walked the dog, made dinner, cleaned the windows (She only asked me to do them at Xmas.....2013) I'm not sure I will have the time. Do you think I can get a rebate on the insurance if I don't take it out for another 12 months?
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