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  1. Chris, Thank you, contact made :)
  2. Is anyone in contact with Andy Pridham who I believe now owns this car
  3. Hi Christopher, you have a message Thanks Graham
  4. Hello all please see my post under cars re-united I am searching for the wereabouts of the above car that my Son sold around 2007 to Malcolm Paris Does anyone knowwhere it might be and any contact details Many thanks Graham
  5. Hello everyone long time since I have been on this site Does anyone know the wereabouts of the above car my son sold the car to Malcolm Paris in approx 2007 DVLA website shows as last MOTd in 2008 I would love to know the wereabouts and condition of car or if it may be for sale Thanks Graham
  6. it'll end up being a 1373 conversion as i'm going to be using a short stroke crank to make it a bit of a screamer. I hope the redline will be somewhere around the 11k rpm mark, but i have to still do some research on valvesrpings to cope with that!. I plan to have some cromoly liners made up and bonded in place to hopefully alleviate the problem of weak walls, but the engine is very much in the planning stage at the moment (hence the questions here) Plan is also to utilise the 8 port heads, or possibly the BMW K100 16v head with custom cam profiles, and then, just for fun, stuff a supercharger somewhere under the very small bonnet! I must be mad!
  7. Cheers Richard. I can't help but be cheeky anyway! do you know the hepolite website? Google just keeps chucking mini shop links at me! Oh the irony....
  8. while i'm here (if anyone's still talking to me! ), does anyone know the standard bore size that works with these pistons? and if anyone knows the wrist pin height, it would be greatly appreciated
  9. Yeah, I noticed! I was informed that TR6 pistons are the largest commercially available units that fit in the A-series engine and thus when i'd been looking and got a bit confused, i knew just the place to ask! I was a TR6 owner for a time afterall! Back in the good ole days...
  10. good to know that the standard ones are quite good. That qty column was confusing me on the moss site. £31.90 and 1 req for standard pistons, or £135 and 6 req for the forged. The math didn't quite add up! But, I suppose the only way to find out for sure is to call moss! But, yeah, i guess standards will do for my application (they aren't exactly for a triumph anyway! ) Cheers guys.
  11. Apart from the obvious, whats the difference between the standard hepolite 17753 piston and the forged items listed on moss' site (and probably a few others, but i haven't got that far yet!) ? is there a known failure on these parts at all that i should be looking for? It als seems a bit strange to me that standard hepolites are ~£180 whereas these forged ones are ~£135..... (ok, theres rings inc in the hepolites, but.....) Thanks, Mike
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