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  1. parky


    Thanks will check tomorrow.
  2. parky


    Had my TR7 out in the dark for the first time and found that I had no dash board lights. Any ideas!!!!
  3. Thanks Mick, just bought mine for the Saturday. Parky Camb Followers
  4. parky


    I have just bought a TR7 fitted with a Rimmers MK 3 body kit. Is there another on in the register?. I am also looking a fitting a set of Alloy wheels to it, whats the best size.
  5. Hi Jayhawks, You will need to contact you local group the details are on the forum, they should be able to help you. Good luck. Parky
  6. Hi George, I have an electric taco which you could wire in to check the RPM.My TR6 was 600 rpm out. Parky.
  7. I have had one of CJs scissor lifts for some time, I modified it to fit the TR6 and put two small wheels in it so I can store it standing up. Great bit of kit. Parky
  8. parky

    TR6 Valuation

    Hi Neal, Try TRGB at Somersham, tel number in TRA. Parky
  9. Article in this weeks CCW, says that these devices can be made up for less than £5-00 !. What chance do we have, if they want the car they will get it. There is always some one ahead of the game. Parky
  10. You can not be serious!!!!!!!!!! Parky
  11. Does any one know of a company that repaires capillary gauges. Thanks. Parky
  12. parky


    I have an invoice for a 2 Ltre Lagonda Engine Rebuild in 1957, total cost including removing and refitting engine, road test, and 15 gallons of fuel at £4-5-7. £99-19-8. What cost now.
  13. I dont know what I am going to do, no tax disc! it will ruin my collection. I even have one for March 30 2012. It means more space on the windscreen for other things. Parky
  14. Hi Richard, I had a repair done on my cap last year and that had worn the cap quite a bit. Contact Scott Helms at sportycars@britishcarweek.org. he does a very good job and it might save you some money. Parky
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