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  1. The aluminium cylinder heads for the 4 cylinder TR engine have been available for years now and I’d very much like to hear feedback from those who have fitted, and had experience with them. Two obvious questions: are they reliable, and do they respond as well or better to tuning than the iron head?
  2. If you are resetting or checking the timing on the 4 cylinder engine, assuming it’s basically in standard tune, would you follow the original factory settings or does modern petrol make a difference (I've seen experts recommend different settings for eg the Jaguar XK engine).
  3. Richard - tried to send a PM but get a message to the effect that you can’t receive message. Sorry, it’s probably down to me but I can’t find a way around it.
  4. I’ve just sorted through a box of spares compiled in 1973. Found an old unit which I didn’t know I had. Cleaned up all the contacts and terminals and ......it works, despite being unused for at least 47 years. There’s a lesson (or two) there.
  5. I’ve had two faulty voltage regulators in recent years. They work for a while then cease to. Has anyone else had similar problems? I think the ones currently being sold all come from the same source, ultimately, and I’m reluctant to order another. I’m told that there is someone in the south of England who restores original Lucas ones. Can anyone advise me on how to find him?
  6. Thanks Ian regards, Jonathan (Dollimore)
  7. I have an aluminium cylinder head for the 4 cylinder TR engine, bought years ago, but never fitted. I'm now considering doing so. I'm wondering though what the experience has been with these heads; they've been around now for quite a while, although I don't know how widespread their use has been. Specifically, I'd like to know if they have proved to be as reliable as the original cast iron ones? And are there any particular considerations when fitting them?
  8. Thank you all for your input. Were I a judicious chairperson I would probably conclude that an alloy rad from a reputable source is ok, but that the original - in good condition - is just as good if not better. Incidentally my TR3A , which I've owned for 45 years (yes, 45) was built from new as a competition replica, the original equipment for which included an alloy sump. This really does aid cooling.
  9. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but a quick search prior to this posting came up with nothing. Alloy cooing radiators have been around for a while now. Has anyone had experience as to whether 1/. they do indeed offer superior cooling 2/. They last as well, bearing in mind that while aluminium can't rust, it can corrode. With thanks ..
  10. Am I right in thinking that these carbs use an all plastic float and dispense with the lever that on previous models controlled the float level? If so, what is the correct way to adjust the float level please? I'm assuming washers added to the needle, but it seems a bit primitive....
  11. Thanks everyone - I think I'll probably get a new set of liners.
  12. Greetings All I have a set of 87mm Powermax pistons and liners which I want to install in my TR3A. A friend has very kindly given them the once over, and the only problem seems to be with the liners: all have a pronounced ovality, they are not too badly tapered from top to bottom but are definitely oval, sometimes by up to 8 thou. We're not sure whether this is acceptable or not and would appreciate any advice from anyone out there who can help. Thankyou Jonathan Dollimore
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