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  1. Dear All The car is great once more - thank you for all of your posts. I'm far from expert but I did think that the metering unit would push fuel to the injector, regardless! It turns out that the injector does somehow help in the delivery of fuel! I bought a new injector and she runs good again. I have one faulty injector (refurbed in 2016 apparently) which I will get to Mr K _Raven_Smith in due course for a proper job! thanks once again, the forum proves a valuable resource! regards Richard
  2. Will a faulty injector have a detrimental effect on fuel delivery to it? I don't think i'm getting any fuel to it, faulty or not. No pulse down number two fuel line.
  3. Thanks for the posts everyone. I swopped injector 1 with injector 2 and still no fuel coming through. Put injector 1 back in to correct place and nice spray of fuel coming through in to cylinder 1. Seems to be a problem within the metering unit? Got good fuel delivery to all other injectors but not 2. Mansfield Engines who did my engine rebuild in 2016 took 2 and 5 banjo bolts out of unit but both clear. (too tricky for me) No apparent or visible blockage so could be within metering unit? If so, can anyone recommend metering unit specialists in Notts area please. TR Enterprises is only
  4. Thanks all Pulled the needle on injector gently with fingers and covered it with a cloth, engine running on tick over. No fuel and now the needle is "sloppy" in the injector as in it does not spring back in to a tight fit. Held it open for 30secs or so but there is no pulse on 2 injector line so think it is metering unit fault. Swopped the 1 and 2 injector and no fuel to no 2 as anticipated. Have I damaged the no.2 injector as the needle now is loose on its seat? Will need garage appointment and will provide new fuel filter for fitting at same time. Richard
  5. Hi Rem18 Nope, not confident! Back to experts me thinks!
  6. Thanks Colin, will give that a go.
  7. Dear All Please help frustrated of Notts! Car is 1972 TR6 PI In 2016 engine rebuild, new metering unit, gearbox, overdrive, hoses, injectors - the lot! Drove to France and back no problem MOT lapsed in August 2017 but now back on road and last weekend ran very well. Ran rough this morning, under powered, felt like only 5 cylinders working, checked spark plugs and No2 was fouled. Checked injectors and no.1 is fine, nice spray pattern but nothing from no.2, it has no pulse! I pinched the tip of injector and a little fuel dribbled out but then stopped. Pinched the tip several more times b
  8. Hi Dave A quick response to the photos in your post. The Rover is very much like my old man's - His was "DXG 1K" , white with the black vinyl roof and spare wheel on the boot lid. I remember him taking a photo of the tacho when it turned 100K and went back to zero - those were the days! It was a great car, he used to always fill up with the high octane stuff, telling me it would go faster! We once did 139mph somewhere on the A19 Teeside way, but I'm not sure how acurate that was. All in all, a super car, same rostyle wheels and I know to this day, he regreted selling it for a Citroen 240
  9. Dear All I am the "R" of R&D Designs and also a register member. Apologies if you've not had a response to voice mail or e-mail in recent weeks. We didn't go to Stoneleigh this year and looking at the posts, seems like a good decision. Dave is the brains behind R&D and makes all the cowls - we modeled the first from my 6. Due to company mergers etc, production has mis-fired but by July, we hope to be back on song. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to Malverns this summer. To prove our dedication to the "cause", we were there in 2007 and just managed to cover the
  10. Richard H

    KN Filter

    Sorry, can't remember and have since binned the packaging. I did get it from our friendly suppliers over Lincoln way, but can't find the invoice either. No, didn't have to alter the timing in anyway - the car was noticeably quicker on acceleration & louder! sorry can't help further, regards Richard
  11. Richard H

    KN Filter

    Hi Eli I've done this with my 6. The conical filter fits great to the bracket that once held the original air filter housing. Have also got a 3:2:1 ss manifold from Pheonix, taped up with copper wrap from Agrimech. I thought the results were very noticeable - better breathing and certainly better performance but the mpg has suffered - shame!! Richard
  12. Just a quick update from tinkering yesterday. Following passing the MOT on Thursday, I was able to legally go for a good run. Car was running rough through the complete rev range but felt like it wanted to go, but couldn't. I worked through the injectors again, started a number 3 and worked to the back. I got to number 1 injector last to find it completely dry. I knocked it with a spanner, still nothing. Realising that this could be the problem, I pinched the needle and pulled it out. After wiping the fuel from my eyes and face, I realised you should not look directly at the injector wh
  13. Dear All I just had to post a reply on this topic - the wife is delighted with comments from TR Niall. The "girls" to which he refers to are our long suffering partners, Gail (mine) and Louise (Dave's wife). These are our two employees (!) who sell our goods whilst we view the cars and other traders. Dave makes the cowls and I package them - its a good partnership which we will repeat this year at the International. We made it last year but ended up very soggy, unlike our products which are not affected by the damp (!). Anyway, hope to see you all again this year. cheers Richard
  14. Dear All Many thanks to your valuable suggestions. I think ultimately, the work is beyond the scope of my expertise. Have been meaning to get the car to Rob Forster in Hucknall so I think this is my next route. Due to change of jobs, my TR will be my new company car so it needs to be right! cheers All regards Richard
  15. Thanks Mike, I'll put the original air filter on and see what happens. cheers Richard
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