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  1. Hi I was out on a short run the other day and could not help noticing along with a lot of the local population that I was getting a misfire. I checked the plugs which had a bit of carbon build up which sugested too rich a mixture. I adjusted the setting to a weaker mix and cleaned the plugs. The engine was still idling a bit rough and prone to misfire when I give it a bit of gas. After 15 minutes idling in the garage the engine note changed to something much more acceptable and now its running sweet as a nut. The questions are....did I fix it? did it fix itself? might it come back? K
  2. Hi Edwin thanks for pointing that out, i have amended Keith
  3. Check out number 14.... worth a vote? I had a lot of good advice from all you guys during the rebuild http://www.necrestorationshow.com/pc-restorer-year Cheers Keith
  4. Hi Thanks very much for all your responses, I spent much of Sunday just tinkering with the pump, finally decided that the problem was the seal in the seat of the pump which had worked its way adrift. Put it back together and it worked fine, only to notice that fuel was weeping. On Monday I rang Dave Davies who had one available, as I work in Warrington it was only a short hop to Leigh where I exchanged my old pump and a very reasonable amount of folding for a lovely refurbished one. Got home at 6.15 had tea, pump in car by 7 just enough time to meet up with the wirral triumph appreciation so
  5. I went for a short run out the other night, only to come to a halt about 2 miles from home. I immediately thought fuel, checked the tank 1/4 full, checked the filter between carbs and pump, clear. The fuel glass bowl had a bit of crud in the bottom, this has been there forever, took the bowl off and cleaned. This helped me see that the fuel was not being dragged into the pump. I took the pump off this morning for closer examination, I do get suction, but only when the lever actuated by the cam is at its extremity. Do I need a new pump, is there a refurb kit., or as is often the case with me a
  6. had the same problem a few years ago, took several cups of coffee until i realised that the shaft was telescopic..........never told anyone until now
  7. Thank you everybody ....it works
  8. Hi Bob, Thanks for that, I do gave a ground running from the sender to the chassis, do I need to run one from the gauge Keith
  9. Thanks for all the advice about repairing my sender, checked it all out and the meter was giving out the correct readings. So to replace the gauge, the feed appeared to become detached, you can see the male spade connector hanging free, easy, I thought, all I need to do is find its female counterpart, connect up and wait for the rain to stop. Alas no sign of the said female spade connector, I checked out the wiring diagram and found that it should be feeding off the wiper switch...no sign.. I followed, best I could, each wire through the spaghetti but could find no trace.......any ideas
  10. Hi, I have now worked out why I was getting no reading on my fuel gauge ...the float was full of fuel, I picked up a used sender unit only to find the same problem, is there a way of repairing/replacing float or is it a new unit, I know they are not that expensive but have some time over the weekend. I seem to have a tr6 sender unit and gauge, don't know why, that's just the way it is. If it is replacement what's a good source Keith
  11. Thanks..will check it over the weekend Keith
  12. Hi My fuel gauge has never been quick on the uptake (usually took a few minutes to register whats in the tank) I noticed the other day that it has now given up and is registering zero......the tank is actually half full. Any simple hints and tips before I need to take more drastic action Thanks in advance Keith
  13. Hi Just had my repair kit arrived from Moss, I was wondering what was in the sachet, I was presuming it was some form of lubricant.....do I need to use this as I was planning on using the Dot 5 as lubricant. Also any tips on putting it all back together and refilling the system Much much appreciated Keith
  14. Hi all I lost all fluid from the clutch system, I suspect it was the slave that failed, has anyone had any experience of getting a repair kit and more importantly how to rapair said cylinder Thanks in advance Keith
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