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    Motor Racing, I am a member of the Insitute of Advanced Motorists and Goodwood Road Racing Club.I also help out ManeChance Horse Sanctuary when i can

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  1. A friend of mine has adopted a rubbing sound on the near side wheel of his TR3. He has cleaned out the brake drum but that has not stopped it. When he turns the centre hub he can feel it become stiff in a particular area. Any ideas
  2. I have been asked by a neighbour if anyone knows of the car. It was Green in colour and may be South Wales
  3. You do need to book with Cheshire Auto promotions if you are a private entry. Otherwise you will be asked to park in the public car park
  4. Over recent days I have acquired two original steering wheels. (Don't ask) Does anyone know where I can get them refurbished and how much It would cost. Thanks (null)
  5. Mal, she is now called EBA. (empty bank account) (null)
  6. I have managed to post a photo. Also I have purchased the motorsport GoPro HD. I blame you btw Ade! (null)
  7. At last I managed to post a photo (null)
  8. Can't upload photo. Not sure why
  9. My car went to Aldon Classics before Christmas for a touch up. Restoration and painting by Colin, 4 wings from Walter P, bumpers re chroming by ACF Howell in Walsall. Thanks guys
  10. You can try ACF Howell in Walsall. They did my overriders, + front and rear bumpers for £535 + vat. Copper plate and chromed (null)
  11. I will be fitting the lights when I get my car back from it's holiday at Aldon Classics. Does anyone know if they need to be wired on one switch or two. I don't want to be getting into trouble with PC Plod.
  12. Tlambert

    Holme Moss

    Spotted the link. Dear Santa etc etc
  13. Tlambert

    Holme Moss

    Great footage Adey. Can you give me details of the camera and mount please. I can them film going into Goodwood without the shakes. My car goes off the road in the next few days. 4 new wings and a re spray. Tony
  14. I will be going for the 3 days. Parking at Lavant Bank with the GRRC cars
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