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  1. If l remember it was a while back l used the bit that unscrews from the top of a spark plug Rob
  2. rob7

    Gear box cover

    Thanks good idea Rob
  3. rob7

    Gear box cover

    Thanks Kevin l will have a look on there web site
  4. rob7

    Gear box cover

    Hi are the plastic or fibreglass replacement gear box covers a good fit or is there a lot of messing about Rob
  5. rob7

    Radiator Cowl.

    Hi what do these stays do is there any point having them on Rob
  6. rob7

    ECU help

    Thanks to everyone l will check out all your surgestions any more will be apricated Rob
  7. rob7

    ECU help

    Hi it is a new install l have a TPS on the single thottle body it’s been to emerald twice it seems ok if l just rev it but it seems to be when it’s under load l have connected the hose from the servo to where the air bleed was not sure about the idle speed controller will have to look into that Rob
  8. rob7

    ECU help

    Fitted emerald Ecu pressure regulator , crank sensor, air and coolant temp sensor ,coil pack, Lambo sensor used original thottle bodies with butterflies removed and single thottle body on end of air manifold problem l am having is at about 1500 revs it’s like l have kangaroo petrol anyone had this problem or anyone know how to fix it Rob
  9. rob7

    Ecu help

    Thanks for help have now fitted 8m return pipe not solved problem yet rob
  10. rob7

    Ecu help

    Hi fitted Ecu having problems setting it up I have put the fuel pressure gauge in engine bay so petrol comes from the fuel tank though filter ,fuel pump ,filter then though fuel rail to pressure gauge then back to tank though the old fuel return pipe my question is is the old fuel return pipe big enough thanks Robin
  11. Hi this might seem a silly question but am fitting a Ecu and have put a pressure regulator in the engine bay does the fuel go though the regulator then to the fuel rail or the other way round Rob
  12. rob7

    Air temp sensor

    Hi am putting a emerald Ecu on my 6 and have put a single thottle body on the end of the air tube which side of the thottle body should the air temp sensor be or don’t it matter thanks Rob
  13. rob7

    Trigger wheel

    Thanks have now sorted it Rob
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