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  1. rob7

    Pressure regulator

    Thanks Jochem
  2. Hi this might seem a silly question but am fitting a Ecu and have put a pressure regulator in the engine bay does the fuel go though the regulator then to the fuel rail or the other way round Rob
  3. rob7

    Air temp sensor

    Thanks Rob
  4. rob7

    Air temp sensor

    Hi am putting a emerald Ecu on my 6 and have put a single thottle body on the end of the air tube which side of the thottle body should the air temp sensor be or don’t it matter thanks Rob
  5. rob7

    Trigger wheel

    Thanks have now sorted it Rob
  6. rob7

    Trigger wheel

    Hi again got a trigger wheel put it on the back of the damper but it catches timing case how do I get over this problem thanks Rob
  7. rob7

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Thanks for the picture but have now removed some material off the thottle bodies should .be ok now thanks again Rob
  8. rob7

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Found some injectors on eBay from a 2.5 bmw will have to drill out thottle bodies as advised by Brent on earlier post but it looks like the fuel rail will catch the thottle bodies has anyone had this problem before Rob
  9. rob7

    Trigger wheel

    Hi Mark thanks good picture been on emerald site will find out what size I need and order one thanks again for your help Rob
  10. rob7

    Trigger wheel

    Hi it’s me again now to sort out the trigger wheel where I can get one also has anyone who has fitted one got any pictures Rob
  11. rob7

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Thanks for all your help found some on eBay Rob
  12. rob7

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Would injectors from a jag xj6 3.6 be ok or would they be to much Rob
  13. rob7

    Bosch Fuel injectors

    Hi Brent Thanks for your reply was hoping to be able to get injectors to fit straight into my thottle bodies but it looks like I will have to go down the root of opening up the holes in my thottle bodies thanks once again for your help Rob
  14. Hi hope someone can help I am going down the root of fitting Ecu I am going to use my original thottle body’s and need to no what Bosch injectors to use part number would be good thanks Rob
  15. rob7

    Electric fan

    Thanks l will have a look around
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