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  1. Have you tried taking the injectors out? If you have no fuel spraying out and the pump is running you may not have enough pressure for the injectors to open Check the pressure if possible, it could be the pump or the pressure relief valve; the relief valve could be fauly and not adequately allowing the injector to open or the pump is sluggish There could be other causes but these are the ones I have found recently; not something you would expect Cheers Gordon
  2. I saw one on a TR4 last weekend at Goodwood in the main car park, Gordon
  3. Gordon Bayley


    yes we are going down there tomorrow for the weekend, with a few others from the red rose group. going to period dress for the occasion in 50's outfits, i had to have a rumage in the wardrobe, cheers Gordon
  4. Is it the same on the 5 and early TR6 ?
  5. I have noticed some lower mounted ones in pictures of members cars on this forum and have sent PM's asking for the suppliers' details but, no one has responded so I would be glad of information leading to a suitable product. Jim Not sure if it were me Jim sorry , but I did reply, I got mine from ( Classic Additions) Shropshire, I cannot send the link , but the site pops up on search, Cheers Gordon
  6. Once he gets a firm hold on something, that's it, curtains, a cream slice may just work
  7. Hi Steve, Theres nothing new same old things, but it does say never take your bumpers off One thing the price guide ; tired condition £4k -£6k ,good condition £12k -£20k ,concourse £30k , the best to buy is a RED pre 1973, If your going to Tatton in June i'll bring it along, Cheers Gordon
  8. Just needs a slot for the ticket and a cup holder
  9. Jim , after looking at a few I settled on this wind defector as its not tou obtrusive, it does work well,as I've had no complants from the co-pilot who happens to have a large mop of hair the Company is called Classic Additions, I'ved tried to post link no luck, a good famiy business Cheers Gordon
  10. He said that the TR was June 1971; did he just count the rings in the tree , or did he find the log book in the trunk,,,,
  11. Both MVC 999G and MVC999H were false plates. I thought that last night with reg changing by one letter ,the sales brochure would have changed to coincide with that year's production, so that the leaflets were kept up to date As for the cobra wheels; they were the 'in' thing the 'bling' of the 70s Cheers Gordon
  12. Triumph brochures? The one with a TR6 and a blurred background got it, not the same Reg but close, CWK600L was in the sale brochure with the rear bumper of a red TR6 in the rain, in all my sales I have the sills are all black
  13. These are cobras on my TR4, they are different to the wolf race. I used to have cobras on my ford capri in 1976. They weren't too bad to keep clean as long as you kept on top of them I used to use solvo autosol I think the price of the TR is realistic as I think the price of other TRs is a bit low when you consider the price of other classics. If I had the money and space I would buy it! Pete - The TR blurred image on the sales brochure is MVC 999H Cheers Gordon
  14. Nice job Pete, Dont forget the earth spike ,,,,,,,,,, for the STATIC
  15. Congratulations Tony, glad you are back on the road. We saw your car last month at Antrobus; great job by Colin. May not be there this Sunday too much salt on the road Cheers Gordon
  16. Once again LIDL , 9 th Feb , oil filter wrench £2.99,
  17. Good to hear your both firing on all Four Badfrog May the Sun be in your face and the Wind at your back That means you'll have to take the bl--dy coat off
  18. Bloody hell another Red un ,,,,, red is best ,,with or without a pin stripe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  19. it was from there, all the little shops are going and the big boys can name there prices, I'v had a gap away from tinkering on cars ,so when I go into car shops they don't understand what I'm talking about and prices have rocketed, I did't think of the price of things 20 to 30 years ago ,, but I do now are well one more time around the tree
  20. It's slippy in all that snow, one more time around the tree, then over to the coffee table, I can not beleive how expensive things have got £23 for a gallon of anti freeze, beleive it or not the pipe connecting the bottom is plastic probably waste pipe, I will find out in a few weeks when I start stripping the car down,
  21. Yes thinking about it later, you can't drain all the water out places like the heater matrix 50% it is , job for today Cheers Gordon
  22. The 4a will be sat outside but under a cover this winter , and with last winter being so severe , I think the best thing to do is completley drain the engine of water, i've cut the bottom hose, but this will not drain the hole block, any helpfull ideas please, tonight a fan heater is in place but it will not help the global warming issues ta Gordon
  23. Alas the TR4a did not take part, because Hazel was playing house in there with her Chrismas Tedies, I dont know whats happend to my signiture photo ,,,any ideas
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