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  1. these mirrors were on my TR6 about 1977 I will try and make the photo bigger
  2. My TR6 bought in 1981, photo taken in Cuddington Cheshire.
  3. tow a TR first place , this was the trophy for winning, a dangerous game with a TR speeding behind you with no brakes . me on the right
  4. Yes a very large garage and a small house attached
  5. I also have an XK 150 a wonderful car but it may have to go with house move but the TR6 will defiantly stay
  6. I have the heritage certificate ill check
  7. Thanks for the information Steve, I have written some more information about this car on lost and found Cheers Gordon
  8. Hi Steve, thanks for this, I have a lot of information about its history and maintenance over the last 20 years or so, but I don't have any record of Mandy as one of the keepers, it must be before my records started. It is a very sound car and in lovely condition, not dull now, very nice paintjob done by a previous owner, who happens to live 3 doors away (small world). It has had a lot of money spent on it over the years and I had it recently valued at TR Bitz, also had the rear half shafts changed, new hood, gear box and dif oils changed plus general service, the car drives extremely well but due to an imminenet house move I may be selling it as I will be keeping my other TR6 that I bought in 1981. I will be very sad to see it go but the new house only has a double garage raher than a triple, which I have now Cheers Gordon
  9. Yes ,I live in Acton Bridge near Northwich CW82RF  34 Milton Rough ,My mobile number is 07774620371

  10. Hi Paul ,I dont know its value, I'll call TR Bitz tomorrow for an idea.

    Cheers Gordon

  11. Thanks Paul for the offer, I'll put that dawn as (option 3.)
  12. Thanks for your reply's, the engine came from my first TR6 a K reg car that I rot of about 1979 ,it was running well until I hit a Ford Cortina. I may sell the it in separate bits ,or keep it a door stop cheers Gordon
  13. We may be moving yet again, and I may be selling my TR6 engine that The car was dismantled in about 1980 and I stored the engine. It is a complete engine, gearbox and overdrive; it is an original 150 bhp. It has been stored in a garage. Any suggestions on what price I could ask for it? Thanks Gordon
  14. Yes thanks' to Craig and John and the team for a great afternoon, the sun came out which always helps, a lovely buffet, a display of TRs from a TR 2 though to a TR 6 , a display of TRs in the workshop, and cars from John Sykes collection TR register members from Red Rose, Wales, Stoke, Shropshire, Derbyshire , Birmingham groups came , also cars retuning from the Lakes weekend called on there return down the M6 Cheers Gordon .
  15. I just asked Alexa the weather forecast for tonight ,its looking good ,so YODA is going for a pint tonight,
  16. Hi Roger ,if you need any help or to have a look at my car for reference ,give me a call ,Gordon
  17. Stuart I shall have a look , the other TR6 has Cibe units with halogen bulbs
  18. the older I get I look more and more like YODA
  19. Hi Billy, yes that's the garage I part exchange my Capri at , he sells a few TR s over the years ,
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