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  1. Yes thanks' to Craig and John and the team for a great afternoon, the sun came out which always helps, a lovely buffet, a display of TRs from a TR 2 though to a TR 6 , a display of TRs in the workshop, and cars from John Sykes collection TR register members from Red Rose, Wales, Stoke, Shropshire, Derbyshire , Birmingham groups came , also cars retuning from the Lakes weekend called on there return down the M6 Cheers Gordon .
  2. I just asked Alexa the weather forecast for tonight ,its looking good ,so YODA is going for a pint tonight,
  3. Hi Roger ,if you need any help or to have a look at my car for reference ,give me a call ,Gordon
  4. Stuart I shall have a look , the other TR6 has Cibe units with halogen bulbs
  5. the older I get I look more and more like YODA
  6. Hi Billy, yes that's the garage I part exchange my Capri at , he sells a few TR s over the years ,
  7. Yes we must , I set off Thursday night in intermittent rain ,then I got to Sandiway lights the heavens opened so a sharp left into the Shell service station, to put the roof up, the wipers actually work in this TR6, a couple of beers in the pub then set off home with the cassette player, playing and the heater on. Takes me back 40 years Cheers Gordon
  8. Roger ill be out in it tomorrow, going to the Fox and Barrel about 8 if your passing, The car was first sold from South Devon Garages Lt Torquay Devonshire 2 August 1972 , it was actually owned by my neighbour 15 years ago.
  9. I decided to sell my Ford Capri Brooklands I couldn't get to like the car, and by luck I saw a mint TR6 for sale so I am now the proud owner of YOD404L , a 1972 Damson and I will be keeping my other TR6 bought in 1981 happy days Gordon
  10. Iv just bought a TR6 YOD404L has any know this car previous owner Robert Millington
  11. Hi Roger , any ideas I cant post on the Forum but can on your page ,am I doing something wrong .by the way a very late happy birthday ,Gordon

  12. Cheers to CC25017L and David , A pint or two later tonight to celebrate , 2 more years before my came off the production line.
  13. I thought about this a few years ago, not being able to see the indicator light on the dashboard with the refection of the sun, so I managed to pick up an audible indicator unit from a motor cycle shop that replaces the indicator unit in the passenger footwell. It is a straight swap, just audible, it was little too loud at first so I put some insulation tape around it to deaden the sound a bit. It was less than £20 as I remember. Works well and done in a couple of minutes Cheers Gordon
  14. our creation for the red rose competition, cheers Gordon
  15. Here is my TR6 with the same mirrors
  16. are yes should be 50001. one side done
  17. Just found this, the TR6 wind shield frame was coloured up to CP500001 and black after that.
  18. Yes 1969 had colored screen frame, then black . it was just the sills painted black for all years , thanks for the info Gordon.
  19. A quick question, did all TR6's have black painted sills, Thanks Gordon
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