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  1. it was taken at the gates going into Tatton park Cheshire car show.
  2. amazing did they come from the same garage dealership,
  3. thank you all for my birthday wishes , we had a great day in the garden with retro style food sandwiches trifles and cake,,,, I also got a TR fleece.
  4. This TR6 39 years but Iv had other before and after but this one is staying, it was my every day car in the 80s and I would tow a trailer with boilers and my tools in .
  5. Happy birthday Gordon,

    Love to Hazel

    Paul & Sue

  6. Happy birthday Conrad , have a great day Hazel and Gordon
  7. Yes its on YouTube series 1 episode 6 the Magic Face,
  8. these mirrors were on my TR6 about 1977 I will try and make the photo bigger
  9. My TR6 bought in 1981, photo taken in Cuddington Cheshire.
  10. tow a TR first place , this was the trophy for winning, a dangerous game with a TR speeding behind you with no brakes . me on the right
  11. Yes a very large garage and a small house attached
  12. I also have an XK 150 a wonderful car but it may have to go with house move but the TR6 will defiantly stay
  13. I have the heritage certificate ill check
  14. Thanks for the information Steve, I have written some more information about this car on lost and found Cheers Gordon
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