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  1. Chris, I used the Danielson family template but either the tolerances are very tight or else my measurement and cutting isn't that good(!) but I ended up needing to fettle the plate and elongate the holes etc. I am due to go down to the storage unit where my car is later this week and can make a fairly accurate cardboard template which I will post back here if that helps you. Cheers Paul
  2. Steve, Do you mean the Tie Bar, part number 625315? If so, you an buy these new from Moss etc. Hope that helps. Paul
  3. Has anyone got any experience of "Mike's Mounts"? From a superficial look, they seem a well-thought and interesting alternative to the other mounting approaches: http://mrmikes.com/miata_triumph_mounts.htm Paul
  4. Nick, +1 for the Street Triple! Following my spine surgery, I'm debating whether I'll be able to ride my Daytona 955i and whether I should chop it in for a Speed Triple to go with my Bonnie. Cars or Bikes, Triumph is still a great brand! Paul
  5. Nick, It looks much better than when I first stripped down mine! Paul
  6. Spud1985, Thank you for your summary of why you're rejecting teh Rimmers top. I'm really interested in your experiences as I'm thinking of fitting a hardtop when I complete my rebuild. I wonder if you could give us a bit more information: Has your car been rebuilt? If so, were there any issues in getting doors, windows, windscreen etc aligned as part of your build? Have yo ever measured your car against another TR6? Have Rimmers offered to show you the top fitted to another car, or can they confirm whether the key dimensions of that particular top are the same as any other top that they have? Do you (or anyone else) know what are the key dimensions that would affect the fitting of a top eg distance of top of screen to B-post top etc etc? Tks again Paul
  7. Spud1985, That's disappointing. Looking forward to hearing your reasons for return! I assume for this that the Honeybourne top is not the same as the "Lenham" top sold by Rimmers etc? Paul
  8. Spud1985, Be interesting to hear of your views on the top, the fitting kit etc. Are you getting it painted to match the car colour? Cheers Paul
  9. Magnus, That sounds an interesting option. Have you got any pics you can share with us? Paul
  10. Niall, Is this of any help? https://robrobinette.com/ConvertToeInchesToDegrees.htm Cheers Paul
  11. With apologies to Roger if this is not the same question that he was asking: My chassis is also as per original. This might sound naive but I'm not near the car so can't envisage how these items fit. http://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/body-chassis/chassis-subframes/chassis-frame-a619c9.html Are we suggesting to fit 4 x 139580R and do these plates go behind the box brackets ie on the inside of the chassis? Also, are the reinforcing plates as in sets TT3259L and TT3259R additional items that need to be welded to the chassis brackets or are they parts of those brackets as original to the car? Tks Paul
  12. David, I also like the idea of doing it the way that you did using the engine mount and block drain tap holes. Apart from the bolts needed to go into the block, are all the other plates, spacers etc part of the engine stand kit? Tks Paul
  13. Bill, Tks for that. I finally realised that the problem was caused by using Google Chrome on my small netbook. At 100%, it didn't display the left-hand side menu options. Changed resolution to 90% and Bingo! I could then access the left menu areas. Really interesting blog! A few items that I'd like to ask you about re. the engine rebuild, so I'll drop you a separate email rather than disrupt your thread here. Tks again Paul
  14. Clarkey, Good point. Tks. I've got a CR28xx series car so I guess my front calipers have a metric thread, but I was assuming that the rest of the car is AF? Are there parts of the car other than the brakes which are metric? (It's so long since I first stripped it down that I can't remember!). I was going to take my bags of imperial stainless nuts and bolts, but maybe I should also take some metric fasteners with me? Fortunately most of my socket sets have both AF and Metric. But I'll add some metric taps and dies to my list of items to take to the unit as well. Cheers Paul
  15. Bill, Hi, could you please explain how I can access your rebuild blog, or perhaps you could build a link into your profile signature? Tks Paul
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