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  1. Thanks Peter and Robin. I'll check the inlet and outflow pipes as well whilst I am flushing the tank. Now do I just redo the points or look to going electronic.............
  2. Hi guys - it looks like it is crud in the tank. I had to get the car from Brisbane to Toowoomba and it broke down outside of Ipswich on the motroway. I gave the tank a whack above the outlet pipe and it ran trouble free for the next 90kms. I'm going to clean it all out as per Robin's advice and I would think that would sort it. I've moved to Toowoomba Graze. Drop me a line if you are passing through.
  3. Thank you everyone. I'm located in Brisbane Graze.
  4. Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted. I was hoping to clarify what is going on behind my left ear. My '69 FI 6 has been run sporadically over the last few years due to the fact I've been posted overseas repeatedly. About a year ago the Lucas fuel pump did its strangled cat impersonation in the boot on a hot Queensland night which I chalked up to cavitation/vapourisation of the fuel. Got it towed home then ran fine for a few months. Lately it has been doing this more and more often. It is worse on hotter days but it is pretty much doing it constantly now to the point whe
  5. dukey72

    fuel pump -

    Hi - thanks for the reply - I am in Brizzy. Could be "the Prince of Darkness" striking again. I'll put a voltmeter on it and see what's up. It wasn't too hot tonight and I only noticed it after the car had warmed up. It had not done this before (the car has been both here and NZ without issues previously). I had someone tell me a Commodore fuel pump would be great instead of the Lucas........probably shouldn't even go there........ thanks for the advice. Mine's a 69 as well.
  6. dukey72

    fuel pump -

    Hi All, I was the guy that had the car "complied" upon entry to Australia and had the fuel line issues previously (Knocked fuel pump and torn fuel line). Anyway, I took the car for a good run tonight and after it had warmed up, it seemed to be starved of fuel under load when I put the foot down. Didn't do this previously. I pulled over and had a look at the fuel pump and it was really warm to touch - borderline hot. Now I'm not sure if this is normal (never felt the fuel pump before because it has always worked previously) but that would seem to fit if the fuel was heating up in the pump a
  7. dukey72

    fuel lines

    Hi Alan Yeah, they were trying to gouge me from the outset. The fact that the car was previously registered in Queensland meant that there was very little in the way of admin they could go after me for and charge for it. But he was the mechanic that had to comply the car for it to be legal upon reentry back to Oz - so he held all the cards so to speak. I'll check out and see what authority he is under and see if there is any process I can take. But the impression was "do as I say of I can make this very long and drawn out." His workshop was extremely disorganised as well. Anyway. It's ove
  8. dukey72

    fuel lines

    Hi guys. Thanks for the advice. After having a better look in the daylight. It appears the mechanic mounted the fuel pump incorrectly and when he shut the boot, the hinge ripped the hose and bent the pump (also looks like he broke 2 mounts - he also had 2 manuals in the car to help him if needed). Anyway, problem fixed with the suggested hose. I also noticed a bunch of new dodgy electrics that was not there 2 months ago. But that is another story. The irony here is that he did the repairs and signed off the safety certificate to allow the car to be imported back into Australia. Anyway, car is
  9. dukey72

    fuel lines

    Hi All, Had a big problem last night driving my TR6. I just bought the car into Australia and picked it up after hours from the guy complying it and drove it for the first time in 2 months. He replaced the fuel pump because there was rust on it and woudn't pass inspection for a safety certificate. Anyway, about 4kms into the drive I noticed a pretty strong smell of petrol (stronger than usual) coming from the boot but kept driving until it became overwhelming. After I pulled over to check it out, I just about s*^t myself. The high pressure hose had split and had dumped about 1/4 tank of f
  10. That looks great. If you can put a youtube post on - I bet we'd all love to see it in action. I think the front end looks good without the bumper. I was toying with that idea on mine (when I painted it) to put (like an early 70's RS camaro) to highlight the middle grille section - but too easy not to do it. I always thought split bumpers front and back (like an old Corvette) on the 6 would make the car look even more like a brute but retain some chrome and the 70's look. Anyway good work. I think you've done a nice job. You will surprise a lot of muscle cars at the lights as well.
  11. Thanks very much Andy - excellent rundown. That was the impression I got when I contacted customs. Everything sounds sensible. cheers Duncan
  12. Hi all, I'm moving back to Oz (From NZ) in a few months and planning to take my TR6. I contacted customs and it seems very easy - almost too easy - to bring it into Oz (It was previously registered over there in both NSW and Queensland). My question to anyone that has brought a 35+ year old car into Oz, am I missing something here? When I first brought the car into NZ, it was headache after headache - paperwork, compliancing, engineering reports for mods - even if it made the car more safe. It seems almost too straightforward to take it back to Queensland. Any thoughts to save going throu
  13. dukey72

    V8 TR6

    very nice job - that looks like fun. A mate of mine is dying to put a lexus 4.0L v8 into my TR6. Anyone done it?
  14. dukey72

    starter swap

    Is there any reason to think a starter from a 2.5 saloon would not fit a TR6 2.5 PI motor. I would think they would be identical but I thought I'd post it now before I've torn all the skin off my knuckles trying to change it and get a surprise.
  15. Anyone know if 15" X 5" 72 spoke Jag rims will fit a TR6? Any mods needed? cheers
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