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  1. Hi Paul

                I was on the Coast to Coast run last year in a Citroen Light 15 and really enjoyed it and planned to do it again, unfortunately this is the first I have heard of the 2021 run and it is fully subscribed. Where was it publicised and how did I miss it?

               Cheers Richard

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    2. Dic Doretti

      Dic Doretti

      hi Paul 

                  I watch submarines sail past on the Gareloch.

                  Cheers Richard


    3. Paul Hogan

      Paul Hogan

      Hi Dick. Nice view you have there. As you can guess we never left England due to covid.


    4. Dic Doretti

      Dic Doretti

      Hi Paul

                  I was due to go down to Essex for Christmas, it didn't happen. Christmas came early for Ms Sturgeon when she closed the border.

                  Cheers Richard

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