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  1. I doubt you'd get it to look right with out the TR4 hinge set....
  2. Finding the metal glove box lid and the ascociated hinges may prove an expensive challenge too.....
  3. I never did get the rationale behind the Moss prices for occasional rear seats.... Skinners will do the cover & foam for less than half the price, which makes it a very expensive piece of ply.... good luck with the sale... fortunately I need a blue one lol! best regards...
  4. Does the HEA suffix signify an engine fitted with an autobox? Had an idea the crankshafts were different..... just a thought... may be wrong.... nick
  5. Hi! CT 14457 would suggest a late 1962 built car. The box will be a 3 synchro version as well... has the area where the starter motor protrudes into the gearbox been modified? (A hole cut for the starter bendix to poke through...). Does it have an overdrive fitted? The car would most likely be +ve earth from new...( I’ll stand corrected here lol). I suggest wire it up to your preference.... there’s no difference in the looms, just the polarity of the dynamo, and the orientation of the ammeter connections... and any radio or aftermarket accessories that maybe polarity sensitive of course! regards Nick
  6. The backstreet method for these was to mark the POSITION of the nut on the pinion shaft before loosening it. Then do it up until your marks re-align.... some of these difs had a collapsible spacer to adjust the gear mesh, and the torque was applied to set this. Re-application of torque may collapse the spacer more, and alter the mesh of the CW& pinion. FWIW, I used this method on my '4 ten years ago, and it's still OK with many miles since...
  7. I took mine apart more than a few years ago now and recall finding 4 shallow spotwelds as well as the folded over edge. Try to open the fold as little as you can get away with as the action will tend to reduce the curve of the lid and it will stand proud at the lower corners...
  8. Rog, Will be home over the weekend.... will get the tape measure out then! Regards Nick
  9. AlanR Certainly a thought there... No doubt a simple template that slipped over the door top could have been available to drill the doors of non Surrey cars... Before or after paint I wonder? Was the car’s finished configuration known at this point in build? Regards Nick
  10. Rog, There may be no exact “standard” position for these... I bought a brand new stanpart door for my car, the holes for the 4a waist trim were pre drilled, but there were no holes along the door top for a tonneau...... I drilled my doors to fit a (believed) original tonneau.... I’ve since replaced it with another with pre fitted studs, and the fit is very similar. Sorry, I can’t measure my car at the mo, cos I’m in the Middle East, and the car isn’t lol! I am home next weekend if that’s any help... Regards Nick
  11. The Series 1 Land-Rover world is experiencing the same difficulties with CKD vehicles from Oz... For some reason they are not interested in the chassis number which indicates the production point but the actual assembly date from the foreign factory. As all these cars are 55+ years old, one does wonder at DVLA'S rationale here... at least the Land-Rover has a proper "chassis" number stamped on it.... not that it seems to help... A poster on the LRSOC forum has said that the German authorities will just issue a "default date" in cases like this and simply get on with the registration task... so perhaps register in Germany, then you have a document with a first registration date on it that will be acceptable to DVLA???
  12. I had MOSS put 3.45 into my TR4 about 12 years ago. Drives nicely and still goes well. Price hasn't changed much either! Regards Nick
  13. RIP John. Met him a few times over the years - the engine in my '4 came frơm his barn in Derbyshire the better part of 20 years ago! Many thanks John for your help!
  14. Another option is the chassis / engine / running gear are a set and a replacement (earlier TR2) shell was fitted??? There's a few like that around I've heard about..... Nick
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