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    Triumphs of all sorts, skinning knuckles, sort of goes together really! Pre '92 TVRs.
  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have stainless pistons in calipers, all seals are new, new rear brake cylinders, some of those nice shiny flexible hoses on the callipers and I flushed the system through before adding silicone brake fluid which had been standing undisturbed on the bench for a month to allow air to escape, then it was poured Oh so carefully and bled non-aggresively. Strange thimg is that the discs free themselves after being left for an hour or two. Anyway I am having a weekend off ('cos I'm fed up) and unfortunately won't be joining in the Drive It Day as was planned. Will let you all know what the outcome is. Nik
  2. Hi Guys, Just re-rubbered all brake system and changed to silicone fluid, problem is that the N/S disc brake is not releasing after application of pedal, O/S disc brake working correctly, now whats that all about??? Had the same problem on daughter#3's Herald a few years ago but I've forgotten how I rectified it although I believe I changed the master cylinder and re-bled, just wondering whether there was an airlock in the system rather than a fault with the M/C and if an airlock is causing the fault on the TR as it is affecting only the one brake, may try that tomorrow. Anyway it is nice chatting these things over, if anyone has any observations or comments I await your reply. The full spec of my system is: Twin bore master cylinder, TR4 (16P) discs and callipers, 10" rear Girling. Was all working fine prior to a wheel cylinder exploding and spraying fluid everywhere which prompted me to repair/replace brake system. Stay happy Nik
  3. Hi Guys Should have said, the Tandem com works on a AAA battery, 18 hours on just one, has to really, we've got no electrics on the bike, also the headset is left ear only(and not an "earbud") so you can still hear the exhaust! But thats not a patch on the Vee rumble from the wife's TVR!!!! Nik
  4. Hi all, When you are travelling with the roof off and worse, when behind aeroscreens can you hear your passenger? Many a time I have become hoarse after a long trip and just a tad fed up with repeating myself and enquiring what the co-pilot has said. Well I've discovered the answer, maybe some of you are already aware of the existence of intercoms but this has been a revelation to me and I must pass it on. Mel, my wife, and I ride a Cannondale tandem and one of the biggest problems is hearing the "stoker" and vice versa so we bought a purpose built tandem intercom which works brilliantly, it is so light and the headsets so comfortable. Anyway we used the unit in the TR2 last weekend, we cannot recommend it highly enough and another great thing it has an audio port so you can listen to a radio or MP3 player, you just need a lead to connect. We have never had music in the TR as I couldn't find a suitable place to install the head without ruining the glovebox but now we have sounds!! Check out the website http://www.precisiontandems.com they are an American company but really helpful and dispatch goods rapidly. They also do a wireless set but a little pricey and I'm not sure of the legality in Europe. If you want more info send an e-mail, my addy is somewhere here. Nik
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