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  1. Hello Ian we must have been typing at the same time. Let us know what your electrician says. all the best
  2. Hello Ian My tr5 is just the same, haven't decided what to do with it yet, I will be interested to see what advise is forthcoming. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Frans Change the colour of the font you use. It is almost invisible David Font? thats something that gets you wet in church isn't it. And theres me looking for where the ribbon goes on this computer.
  4. Harbottle

    Storage of TR

    Hi Bob, I purchased a "carcoon" last year for my TR5. Not cheap to buy about £300 I think,running cost at about 20 pence a day. It keeps the damp/insects/dust etc off the vehicle and has a battery conditioner with it. I usually leave the hand brake off and the bonnet open to avoid siezing . It is easy to put up and take down about 5-10 mins either way. there are other types on the market at varying prices. Hope this is of help.
  5. What a loverly colour.
  6. Ah but Duncan, is it racing up the hill or rolling back down? Only joking Harry, I saw your car at malvern and very nice it was too.
  7. I must be awake when I post next time. The above should read , Picture of Alun Jones car and miniature copy from Malvern,Alun not being present in the photo, only some drunken female trying to steal his tax disc who was escorted away after some time still claiming to be his wife.
  8. To follow Duncans lead, Here is a picture of Alun Jones the leader or the Red Rose group with miniature copy from Malvern.
  9. A couple of nice cars Harry,although I prefer yours without the toast rack on the back. Mind you there appears to be a lot of scaffolding in the rear. See you on saturday .
  10. It appears to be a left Hooker! but very nice.
  11. What is the beer bottle for Ian, did you use it to mark the hole for the petrol cap or is it in position for a radio ariel which is much favoured adjacent to the petrol tank?,or did you require it as a stress break,I know I would and several more. you said I think that you are going to paint it Green, great improvement on the browny colour in its current state. keep at it and we will use it as a marker to seperate the blue ones. All the best.
  12. Her is a photo of mine, and yes I know Ian its another blue one.
  13. Nice looking car Duncan, I am no expert but there appears to be a few bits missing .
  14. Nice looking car. Dam clever those Japanese , you will have to get a "Q" plate for it. Only joking
  15. Fully agrre with Marvel901 and Harry. You only have to look at the prices at TRBITZ for the 5s they have for sale to see what the price range you can expect to pay for a good 5.
  16. Hi Victor Have just sent you an email of my 5 in Royal blue.
  17. Harbottle

    TR 4/5 Wanted

    Hi mike See you at the Antrobus 13/2 for AGM. Paul.
  18. Harbottle

    TR 4/5 Wanted

    Yes, I can confirm that the car has been sold, because I bought it. It now frequents the ranks of the red rose club and Yes, it is a very nice car. I can not wait for the sun to shine to go for a spin or two. Paul
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