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  1. Hi Guys Sorry for the delay in replying to you and thanks for the help.Steve I have an original tr5 pi uk model 1968. I have installed a new wiring supply with relay and car starts a sounds fantastic. Chris thanks for the tip about fuel filter, I have removed it and cleaned it out with new gause fitted. I will now check the ignition switch just to make sure it is ok. Many thanks for the help as always. Paul
  2. Hi Steve Thanks for that. I thought it might be something like that. I have some new wiring with a relay that I was going to get around to fitting, now is the time. I just wanted to make sure it was not the pump itself that might be at fault. Many thanks Paul
  3. Hi John No there is no relay. thought that myself but the clicking is definately from the pump itself. Paul
  4. Hi guys, Have been living with and it is now getting worse a clicking noise coming from my fuel pump. When I turn the key on stage one you can here the fuel pump gurgle as it starts to suck but when the key is turned to second stage to fire it up there is nearly always a clicking noise from the pump. The car does not start and I have to turn the key back and then forward again before it will fire into motion. The number of times I have to do this is variable sometime one retry sometimes four or five. The pump is under the wheel arch and I have checked the electric connections which seem fine. There is a small glass pre filter from the tank to the pump and the pump is a Bosch one. Car seems to run fine when going. Any ideas as to what might be causing this would be gratefully received. Paul
  5. Hi Nick mines got one fitted to the frame,done by the previouse owner via Revingtons I believe. Paul
  6. Hi Brett I did this with my 5 and put a K & N filter in the original chamber and it seems to work fine.The entrance hole for the chamber points away from the radiator and down towards the o/s front. I understand this was the original design for the TR5 while others point towards the radiator.
  7. Hi Neil, my TR5 is exactly the same as yours on the dash. My paper work shows as original and no alteration to wiring. All the best PS Ramp is working great, very glad I bought it/
  8. I can confirm what Alan says mine is exactly like that.
  9. Hi Stuart Can only echo Richards comments, Mine is exactly the same although as Richard says 20 seconds or so and all the cylinders join in together. If the car has been left for a little while fuel can drop back and be replaced with a bit of air. Check your spark plugs are ok and the leads are satifactory. Next step check the injectors are functioning ok (there is a lot of previouse on this already on the forum if you use the search ) before considering altering the metering unit etc. All the best.
  10. Let's look on the positive side (pun intended) you will not need to change the watch battery for ages and ages. I am sure there are lot's of us who have set up sparks around the engine and been very close to doing the same thing. Hope the burn gets better soon,you can show the scar at Malvern as a warning to the rest of us. All the best
  11. Harbottle


    Thanks Bill, I too have read post's for and against the use of Hammerite. I think it all depends where you use it. The plenium looks right enough I will use it myself. All the best
  12. Harbottle


    Hi Bill The plenium in the picture looks nice and shiney,as I am intending to clean mine up/paint it can you tell me what you used Thanks
  13. Hi Peter I am up for it as well.
  14. Hi Simon Looks even better in these pictures. For what it is worth I put some locking wheel nuts on mine to help discourage any would be thieves. Got them from the TSSC (who said that) . All the best
  15. Smart looking car simon, I have minilites on my 5 and they do make it look the biz. So the wind blocker cuts down the noise from the passengers seat as well as the wind. P.S does look a bit high at the rear.
  16. Many thanks Rhodri I have sent them an email
  17. One of my tyres needs replacing, the others being in good condition I have decided to use the same make .Does anyone know where I can get Colway steel braced radial road plus tyres from. I have had a quick scan of the web with no joy as yet. Any help would be appreciated. I live in the NW if anyone knows a supplier hereabouts. Regards
  18. Hello Ian I have sent you an email. Merry Christmas to you and all forum members
  19. Harbottle

    spot lights

    Am I missing something here as I do not appear to see any photos. Is there some other button I should press?. Not computer literate Regards
  20. Hello Richard. I do not have a cowl of any discription on my tr5 at present,I have seen tr4a and tr6 cowls adapted/fettled onto 5s but do not have any photos. Understand the difficulties you have in design,I will ask around and if anyone else can help with photos I will send them to you and Ian for opinion of best way forward. Regards
  21. Hello Ian we must have been typing at the same time. Let us know what your electrician says. all the best
  22. Hello Ian My tr5 is just the same, haven't decided what to do with it yet, I will be interested to see what advise is forthcoming. Welcome to the forum.
  23. Frans Change the colour of the font you use. It is almost invisible David Font? thats something that gets you wet in church isn't it. And theres me looking for where the ribbon goes on this computer.
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