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  1. Hi Mike don't waste the opportunity! get them to polish the engine bay prior to install.They can probably stand up inside the bay and those little hands can reach more than yours Engine looks great. Paul
  2. Harbottle

    Adding a clock

    Very nice, well worth taking your TIME Paul
  3. And I thought it meant Udder side of the car . You learn something new everyday
  4. Keith When you bend it(if you can) you will also alter the angle of the two studs/pins. Even if it does not break on bending, once fitted the strain put on it when driving may well cause it to go anyway. Just a thought Paul
  5. Hi Mike Looks really nice, Seams a shame to cover it in oil!. keep the pictures coming. Paul
  6. Hi Guys Thanks for all the reply’s. I think I will stick with Tom’s inert gas extinguisher. Let’s hope none of us need to use any. Asked the wife about her thoughts on imitating the blonde should the need arise, suffice to say reply unprintable Paul
  7. Hi John Thanks for the frightening video!!. I don't know what was worse the flames or watching him hit the bonnet imagining it was my TR5. Paul
  8. Hi All. Looking at the above in issue 318 Pg49 thought it might be ok but would like anyone else's views . For 46.95 for the smallest size 50 second as against their web site price of 74.95 seems a good deal. However when looking in our TRshop page were you have to order, the price is 67.45 (which is indeed 10% of web price). Have sent a message to the shop on Sunday and awaiting their reply as to which price is correct. As it is advertised as a new product, don't know if anyone has had the misfortune to have to use one (its one of those things we buy with the hope of never using) but any thoughts on its suitability would be appreciated. Sorry about the lack of Pound signs but my laptop has seen fit to loose it somewhere!!! Paul
  9. I'm sure you'll get there. I Like the way you have set up the ramp-very neat. I would suggest some sort of padding around the garage pillars either side to avoid door swing possible damage. Old piece of carpet or some such. Paul
  10. Just for a moment Mick I thought you had a TR4 sitting on a bench at the end of your garage, Doh Paul
  11. Hi Richard Welcome back to the register. You don't need a modern car to go to the south of France, 4 of us 2xTR5 & 2xTR6 went to Monaco and surrounding area a couple of years ago. Many on the register have been further. Remember nowhere's far in a TR. Paul
  12. This is the caption in my garage. I have used both peejay4a and Andy's method and they both work. Paul
  13. There are 2 good looking things in this photo! and Stuart your 3rd . Merry christmas old chap. (and all other readers) Paul
  14. Hi Mike, just seen your pictures on facebook Redrose. Did you find out were the oil was coming from around the gearbox hole.


  15. Hi Marco,  Do you have a locking cap still for sale to fit on my TR5.



    1. Z320


      Sorry, all sold.

  16. X2 for the above.Stuart I think also uses/used this type, mine works well and smooth you can feel the notches on the dash control knob . Paul
  17. Glad to see its got a wing mirror - for safety reasons.
  18. Hi Gordon, You could ask me for £50 if you like. Delivered of course . Paul
  19. Yeah Yeah nice bumpers, nice car, nice garage and the sun is shining. Well at least we don't have Kangaroos to run into and dent the Bumper (area around whipsnade excepted). I am only jealous Graham Paul
  20. Like the correct position for the badges front and rear?. They look a little bit out from what I believe to be the original position. I stand to be corrected. Paul
  21. Hi Andy, Glad you got it sorted and your tale is cautionary guide to the rest of us travelling abroad. A picture paints a thousand words someone once said, that is why I always carry a copy of Moss and Rimmer parts catalogues so you can point to the parts causing the problem as well as ease of ordering. Paul
  22. All the above with an addition of a spare ignition barrel and keys. Cheap to buy and easy to fit should your ignition key break (as did mine) or indeed you lose your key. Paul
  23. Hi Ian My tr5 (PI) has a pheonix manifold fitted by previouse owner and you can see were it has been fettled to fit. I had to remove it recently for some work to be done and it was a pig to get back on but managed in the end. Paul
  24. Harbottle

    Starting issues

    X2 Me too Paul
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