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  1. Hi All, Mine changed from an 'O' to a 'D' on the V5 when I moved house one time. It took several months back and forth to the DVLA for them to compromise and change it to a '0'. They gave me a very helpful letter explaining why it was simply impossible for them to recognise an 'O' in their system anymore! I suspect a similar thing has happened to you? I never changed the plates - and never felt I was obliged to. I did keep a record of all the comms. from the DVLA to avoid future confusion - they are now with the new owner.... Anyway, I would settle for an '0' and enjoy driving the car! Regards, Michael.
  2. Hmmm..... I dont think I would describe it as good in an enjoyable sense, but it was good in a commercial sense. I had so many odd enquiries and time wasters that I found it really useful to have the buffer of eBay messaging between them and me. Arguably I wouldnt have had so many time wasters with a conventional site to have been a problem, I guess I wont know now! In the end I also found some security in the eBay feedback system and their ability to sense check my buyer was legitimate. Really, Im not a salesman so am mainly just glad to be done with it! Would I use it again....probably but I have learnt that the phrasing is very important to avoid confusion e.g pick up within 48 hours and cash on collection or funds cleared in advance and contact me before bidding if you have not viewed would all have helped me. Regards, Michael
  3. Hi Darren, Thanks! Sadly the money is already spent, (restoring a house\money pit)! For me it was all about 'that' TR6 - now that's gone I don't really have any desire to get another one. Maybe I'll change my mind in a few years - never say never 'cause I still love the marque and have had a Triumph of one sort or another for the last 25 years. Cheers, Michael.
  4. Hi Dave, I dont think so. I left the register sticker in the windscreen and copies of some useful, technical comms from the forum and the club in the history file - so hopefully he will be tempted to join up! Regards, Michael
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to update you on the outcome of all this: The buyer turned up exactly when he said he would and paid the full amount in cash with no hassle. I did apologise a bit for having been so paranoid and we talked about some of the scams I have seen, (and buyers I have been warned off by eBay even). He seemed genuinely surprised that there is so much suspicious activity to watch out for. I think that coupled with the fact that what is a major amount of money for me is probably not the same for him explains his approach to buying the car versus mine for selling. Anyway, he seemed like a genuine enough chap who now has a TR6 to enjoy so let’s wish him all the best with it. I would like to thank everyone again who gave such good support and advice throughout the process – does the TR Register proud to have such a good community watching out for each other. All the best, Michael.
  6. True - but.....when I doubted his identity, I spoke to eBay and they checked his past activity and compared it with current, they vetted the comms we had and assessed if it sounded legitimate and what my obligations were, how I was protected. All in all, yes the risk is still mine ultimately but at least if it all goes wrong there is some history there that I was suspicious and took steps to check! Regards, Michael
  7. Im with you on that! However, even though eBay is a bit like the Wild West, in a strange way I still feel like I have better (or more) protection going that route than I do using the TR Register For Sale section. It feels like there is more room to be exploited there if a fraudster finds the site - but I may be wrong and Im not sure what the register could do about it realistically. Thankfully, when this is sorted I have no more cars to sell or worry about! Michael
  8. Hi All, I spoke to ebay and they did a basic check. They don't think it is suspicious - but do think I am right to insist on cash in the circumstances. I have had a subsequent explanation from the buyer about who he is and he has provided good proof of identity. He still wanted to use a bankers draft - probably in good faith - but I have seen a few people lose out with bankers drafts under the false belief they are like cash - it would be fine if I received that and then it was in the bank for a few working days but he can't do that with his travel plans. I'm sure he is a bit miffed at my paranoia - but I don't want my 25 year Triumph ownership to end in tears, (well not mine anyway)! Marko - if you are out there - please do not laugh at all this, (well only if you are on your own)! Michael.
  9. It's all sounding a bit dodgy to me still: He has a car transporter standing by.... He needs a copy of all my documents for arranging insurance... I can contact him at some obscure Hotel at an address in Lincoln (no phone number or surname given) He is leaving for Australia very early Friday morning so we must sort it by then I had already given him my address - I have given it again and a copy of just the bits of the V5 you would need for insurance. I can still see how it could be genuine - but he is not doing himself any favours - no mention of how he intends to pay yet either, (yes I have asked twice)! Luckily the car is very securely locked away and won't be going on any transporters until I have the cash! The V5 copy I sent has all the DVLA codes obfuscated so can't be scammed easily either. Helen and Marko have both advised against Ebay - definitely good advice! The car and new owner will probably pop up on here in the near future with a tale of the painfully paranoid buyer he had to deal with! Anyway, I'll keep updating so if nothing else it helps others going through similar at some point. Michael. (and yes I will miss it Steve)!
  10. Hi James, Yep - Im still treating with caution. Dont worry - I am not accepting a deposit - payment in full or no deal! Ill let you all know the final outcome - a ridiculous saga! Michael
  11. Hi all, I contacted the seller and made it clear it needs to be paid for and collected by the weekend. He is going to see what he can do. I think thats fair all round - I think he probably is a genuine buyer now at least but I will breath a sigh of relief when its gone. Thanks for the support all, Michael
  12. Hi Len and Jon, Thanks - you have both confirmed what my head is telling me! I have told him he needs to pay\collect by the weekend or withdraw his bid. I would much rather that the buyer has already seen the car and there can be no dispute about what they are buying anyway. Regards, Michael.
  13. Hi All, I'd appreciate a bit of advice please.... The car has finally 'sold' this afternoon - to a bidder on eBay who has not seen the car or previously contacted me. On confirmation of the win he has now contacted me saying he would like to pay a deposit but cannot pick the car up until the end of May because he is going to Australia for a month! He has suggested paying a holding deposit. It all sounds a bit 'wrong' to me - anyone have a view on what's normal? My inclination is to give a second chance offer to the nice man that actually came to see the car and just missed out in the auction but am I being too paranoid? Regards, Michael.
  14. Hi Helen, Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! As you say, I should probably put it in Cars and Classics. I think the weather has probably put some people off, (couldnt have been much worse the whole time I have been selling)! Maybe this coming week of rain will give way to some spring sunshine and eager TR6 buyers! Anyway, off to take 4 excited under 10s on an Easter egg hunt now (in the rain) - wish me luck! Regards, Michael
  15. Hi Mark, I think you have summed up my experience of eBay very well in your description! I have someone threatening to come and see it (he followed the original auction but didnt want to bid). If that doesnt come to anything you may well be hearing from me! Thanks, Michael
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