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  1. mossc31

    Fuel Tank

    Trevor Thanks for all the info I now understand, very helpfull Chris
  2. mossc31

    Fuel Tank

    Ian Spot on, exactly the problems I have been having and I agree it is a warm weather job if you have to do it outside so I will be waiting a month or two before having a go Chris
  3. mossc31

    Fuel Tank

    Thanks that explains a lot. I do intend to remove the tank but as I can only do this outside I will wait until the weather is better
  4. mossc31

    Fuel Tank

    I have a 1967 TR4A chassis number CTC77140 and am experiencing a lot of muck in the fuel system so decided to remove the fuel and either clean or replace however I have noticed that my tank appears slightly different from the illustrations in both the workshop manual and the Moss/SCParts catalogue. My tank does not have a vent pipe on the top right hand side of the tank also the illustration in the Moss catalogue seems to suggest that the fuel outlet is on the left hand side of the tank with the drain plug on the right and both can be accessed prior to removing the tank which doesn’t appear to
  5. I was having prblems with stablizers supplied by Moss which constantly failed or showed a low reading. I then bought a pack of stablizers from RS Components and made my own unit using two soldered together and they work perfectly
  6. I recently experienced a intermittent problem with my 4A. Initially I thought it was ignition so I checked everything including replacing the condenser, then I thought fuel so stripped and cleaned the carbs but it still persisted so I went back to ignition. I eventually tracked the problem down to a loose connection on the low tension terminal in the distributor. Everything is now back in place and the car starts and runs well and the revs pick up quickly when the throttle is opened, carbs are balanced and the timing is about 15 BTDC. My problem is on the move the car seems to lack any g
  7. I had this problem and was convinced it was fuel related but in the end a change of condenser solved the problem
  8. I want to get the IRS handbrake modification (Rodger Williams book) made and have approached a number of my local small engineering workshops all of which said “yes we will call you with a quote” only to tell me they are to busy when I chase them up. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  9. mossc31


    I have started to experience creaking on the front off side when driving but it doesn’t happen all the time. I can drive for hours with nothing then I stop for a short time and when I pull away it starts then I park in the garage for a few days and drive off nothing. It never seems to happen at the beginning of a journey but after I have parked up for a while. The creaking sounds like I feel when I move after to much digging in the garden With the car stationary I can pump the suspension up and down rock the car from side to side nothing. I assume that it has to be something to do with bus
  10. Good idea however I'm off tomorrow to Cambodia tomorrow for three months work ( just as I have got the TR sorted) so unfortunalty it will have to wait for my return. Cris
  11. They do come as small chips so you do have to make them into a unit. Added value and all that
  12. RESULT Just to let you all know that I have now cracked my stabiliser problems. I have now had four units from Moss all of which output 4.25 volts which means that the instruments barely register. The unit I bought from ebay initially on test showed 9.5v however when connected to the instruments this dropped to 4 volts so same problem. I tested the wiring and the instruments with the help from a ex Lucas engineer and everything was fine. I had bought some stabilisers from a company called RS Components which indecently cost 60p (minimum order 5) Moss price £8.47 ex vat & postage (mini
  13. I bought a new stabiliser on ebay which when I tested on the vehicle battery had a steady 12.5 volts going in and 9.5 coming out when not connected to anything but when connected to the instruments they barely registered and on checking the output voltage had dropped to 4 volts. I have tried connecting to the temp and fuel gauge separately but get the same result. I now find that the units input and output are now the same when not connected to anything. I also have three units purchased from Moss two of which outputs zero and one which acts in the same way as my ebay purchase. I am assuming
  14. Nigel Thanks for the offer unfortunatly I'm based in Bucks Chris
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