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  1. TIMS

    Capri 2.8i front brakes set - Free

    Guys Gone. Regards Tim
  2. Guys FREE for COLLECTION ONLY FROM NUNEATON - NO NEGOTIATION ON THIS. When I had my TR7 Coupe I was looking to improve front braking and was recommended to obtain and fit Capri 2.8i front brakes. Use the search function on this forum for further details and fitting instructions. The TR7 has gone and I have, in the garage, a good set of Capri 2.8i; discs, calipers, hubs, and dust covers. If these are not claimed in the next 14 days, by PM to me, they will be taken to the tip. I repeat - Free but collection from Nuneaton only (they weigh in at a very heavy figure and I am not messing about with couriers). Regards Tim
  3. Daven Try http://www.automotechservices.co.uk/products/as-7530d-garage-scissor-lift/ I have an earlier version and can get under the car for gearbox/diff/sump work as well as lifting the car for suspension work Regards Tim
  4. TIMS

    Help please in France

    Guys Found a fan from a Kia Carnival 2.9 diesel! in a scrapyard in Bergerac. Fitted it and got home today. Replacement fan for the original now ordered and will be fitted ASAP. Thanks & Regards Tim
  5. TIMS

    Help please in France

    Guys We are in Saint Avit Loisirs near Le Bugue. The motor on my electric cooling fan for the radiator has ceased. The fan is 14 inch / 36 cm and I need to source a replacement. The UK usual suspects can only get one here for Monday afternoon and we will be on our way to the Tunnel by then. The French suppliers I have details of are on National holiday. Has anybody in France got any ideas? My mobile is +44(0)7737924235. Thanks Tim.
  6. TIMS

    Donington Historic Festival - May 2,3,& 4

    Guys Last chance to save on discounted tickets. Advance discounted ticket sales for the 2015 Donington Historic Festival close at 5pm on Wednesday, April 29th, so time is running out to secure significant savings on the on-the-gate prices. Regards Tim
  7. TIMS

    Donington Historic Festival - May 2,3,& 4

    Tyrone Cars in and out each day (you could probably leave a car on our stand but it I would not want to). I have no idea re the motorhome and can only but suggest that you contact Donington direct. Try http://www.donington-park.co.uk/about-donington/accommodation/ Regards Tim
  8. Guys Early Bird discounts for Silverstone Classic. - Formal warning - Early Bird Discounts close on 31 March 2015. So to join us on the TR Register stand at the event, and get discounted tickets, you need to get your tickets purchased before 31 March. Entrance to the Silverstone Classic is by advance ticket purchase only, and to get the discount, and to get infield passes to bring your car onto the TR Register stand, you need the TR Register Code which you can find on page 19 of TR Action 280 (or PM me or Wayne Scott) http://www.silverstoneclassic.com/Content/Car-Club-Display-Package We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the TR7, 50th of the TR4A and the 60th of the TR3 and would like to put on a super display of cars and we look forward to seeing you there. Regards Tim
  9. Guys I have been asked and have agreed to lead the TR Register presence at the Donington Historic Festival over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend (Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd, & Mon 4th May). I will not need to persuade those of you who have been before to come and join us again on Redgate Corner. For those who have not been, you are really missing out on; Top Class Historic Racing, the opportunity to wander around the pits and talk to the drivers, to wander around the other classic car club stands, and to park your TR on the Donington Circuit infield along with many other TR’s. Please see the Festival website at http://www.doningtonhistoric.com/ Between now and Saturday April 25th you can buy 2 for 1 tickets, on the website, at discounted prices. Buying in that way will also get you an Infield Parking Pass so that you can bring your TR to our stand. The code you need to get the discount is to be found on page 19 of TR Action 280. Please be clear that if you buy tickets after April 25th you Will Not get a discount and Will Not get an Infield Parking Pass. For the ladies, please be aware that, on Sunday only, a short walk away from the circuit is Donington Sunday Market http://doningtonmarket.co.uk/ Finally, and selfishly, so that I can get a chance to have a wander around and watch the racing, if you would be willing to mind the stand for an hour or so (no selling, just answer queries and check the hot water supply for drinks) could you please contact me on timnkathryn@tiscali.co.uk and I will try and sort some sort of rota. Many thanks and see you at Donington. Regards Tim
  10. Guys Messing about in the garage this afternoon, trying to keep out of the sun, and playing with some toys, I happened on my laser thermometer!! Out of sheer interest I took temperatures on the six exhaust header pipes. Equal small distance to each and at similar small distance along the pipe from the head. The two outside were cooler, about 150 deg (no surprise in that). No's 2,4 & 5 similar at around 170 deg but no 3 consistently at around 200 deg. So my question to the cognoscenti is 1) why could that be and 2) is it a problem and how might I address it if it is? As ever, thanks in advance for your thoughts. Regards Tim
  11. Guys This area of engine management has felt like somewhat of a black art to me, but nothing ventured.... So I have read up the instructions on my timing light and had a go. (Car is a CR Pi car with TH5 cam, timing set some time ago and not fiddled with by me) Firstly I did the piston stop to piston stop check on TDC and found that the markings on the pulley are out by 2 degrees to the pointer on the timing chain cover. Then, with tickover at 700 rpm I used the advance function on the light to tell me that the current setting was 8 deg BTDC. I adjusted the distributor to bring this to 12 deg and the car sounded much better. Tests on the road will tell. Then at 3,000 rpm and 4,000 rpm I read off the advance using the timing light and got 24 deg and 26 deg. Is this about right? Thoughts (other than why did you not do this earlier to which the answer is - the car is running very nicely thank you!!) Regards Tim
  12. TIMS

    B@@@@y starter motor

    Ian If you can get to a Machine Mart you will find one of these invaluable to aid in getting the top nut undone as suggested by Roger H . http://www.machinemart.co.uk/shop/product/details/pro136-38in-flexible-extension-bar?da=1&TC=SRC-flexible The socket you use also needs to be as thin-walled as possible. Have fun Regards Tim
  13. Graze - Thanks, That seems logical but they are very thick. Roger - Yes, I thought there was a thread but I could not find it on search, I also think it was perchance alot of months, not a few!!! I think I will try compressing with fingers the very soaked felts and see how near they come down to the metal carrier they sit in. If a squeezed felt is getting close to the carrier depth then I suppose I have answered my own query. Off to the garage to see. Regards Tim
  14. Guys New front wheel bearings and inner felt seals going in tomorrow on my 6. The felt seals have been in soak in engine oil for a few months but my question to the cognoscenti is; the seals we are being supplied are very thick, should they be trimmed before fitting or just let them compress over time with regular checks to take up the slack created on the compression? As ever, thanks in advance for your thoughts. Regards Tim
  15. TIMS

    Degreasing new discs

    Andy Now how do I do "Forward" to Mrs M? Regards Tim

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