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  1. thanks Alec on correction lol last battery cost £90.00 and lasted 10 years new one 4 months ago cost £25.00 + vat (faulty after only 4 months) are we going down on price and back on technology as i was told the new batteries have to be fully charged at all times other ways they go bad ? nice thing is costco gives 3 years on them things lol happy tr8ing
  2. thanks guys sorted bosch battery was faulty and was only 4 months old
  3. alternator is brand new and puting out 80 amps battery is new and i suspect is not taking charging to the max so going to costco as the warrantie still on 3 years this on a 4.8 litre John Eales engine lol thanks Gilberto
  4. thanks Jim alternator is new and tested 14.43 volts puting out but once you put lights on after a short run goes back to battery voltage 11.99 to 12.45 volts switch off lights and battery will not recuperate neither the alternator will go back to 14.43 volts? could be a short on elctric motors for the lights ? thanks Gilberto
  5. My tr8 has a problem with the charging system, when driven with the lights off ok with lights on battery is not charging and funny thing is after lights off again battery goes bad and will refuse charging till i change to another battery ? charging is ok as long the lights are never turned on ! any ideas on how to solve ? should i change head light switch ? thanks Gilberto
  6. get a mallory unilite fantastic more power and reliable tr8 man
  7. seen those lights on a forklift before happy tr8ing
  8. carter is one of the best for rover v8 and reliable paid 45 pounds for mine with brakets from Real Steel http://www.croyde-bay.com/tr-dec-04/carterpump.jpg
  9. John they sound better with a single large bore exhaust lol
  10. tr8coupe


    launch control what you need
  11. nice car at stonleigh park http://media.putfile.com/tr7-v8-historic-motorsport
  12. nice coupe shell in primer no rust and no sunroof open to offers
  13. you can have 9 inch at the back with splitrims under the arches lol
  14. tr8coupe

    tr7 v8 to low

    just surf ebay por tr7 springs happy tr8ing
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