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  1. Evening gents, Anyone installed the Moss CV, drive shaft and hub? If so any comments? Thanks Steve
  2. Steve P

    Head re torque

    Dear ntc, Excuse me but which bit is boll!!!s? Steve
  3. Steve P

    Head re torque

    Hi Marki, My own personal experience. I started out on the last RBRR with a newly rebuilt engine. 1000 miles later I had lost a litre of water 1 pint of which found in the catch tank. Re-torqued he head and all was fine. Everyone in the car park said don't you know you should re-torque after 500 miles. I do now.
  4. Good morning Mike, I am interested. Where are you based? Steve
  5. Steve P


    Hi Ash, I recently fitted a Pheonix manifold and big bore exhaust but kept the original back box. I used a Y piece from Moss to go from the big bore back to twin pipes for the muffler. Steve
  6. Steve P

    EFI DIY ?

    Good afternoon Eryn, This was my installation. Materials desciption Cost £ Supplier ECU Microsquirt V3 300.00 Trigger-wheels USB serial adaptors for above 5.00 Trigger-wheels Wiring harness 12" (delux loom kit) 18.00 Trigger-wheels Trigger wheel (7.25" x 5.75") 25.00 Trigger-wheels Crank sensor+connector: 20.00 Trigger-wheels Sensor bracket 15.00
  7. Good morning Craig, I recently had my gearbox out but I removed the engine at the same time so I'm not sure about doing the gearbox on its own. But I can say that if you are a good enough mechanic to get the gearbox out then you can change the clutch yourself. It very easy. Steve
  8. Steve P


    Hi Nick, I've sent you a pm. Steve
  9. Steve P


    Evening Peter, My software has a VE table. MAP y axis, rpm x axis. I increased the VE values to make the mixture richer is the area where coasting occurs. Steve
  10. Steve P


    Hi Peter, I re-set the timing which sorted the pinking. Neil, I set the VE to 100 in the area of the table where coasting occurs. It has helped a lot. But it still wants to shunt while in 4th, 3rd gear under 30mph coasting. Also wants to shunt in 2nd gear slow corners. I'm not sure what going over 100% VE will do. Perhaps I will look a reducing the AFR is that area as well. Cheers Steve
  11. Steve P


    Morning gents, Thanks for all the input. I recently fitted a fast road cam and didn't have time to get the system tuned in. I had a problem with idle and reduced the VE which helped but I guess that has added to the shunting effect. Anyhow all the comments posted have given me ideas of what to try. P.s. it's also pinking a bit. Do I advance or retard? Thanks Steve
  12. Steve P


    Yes a TPS is installed. At the moment the idle settings are not good. So it looks like i should do some work in that area. Thanks guys
  13. Steve P


    Clutch is fine. It can be rode all day long So it could be the fueling at no throttle? Steve
  14. Steve P


    Hi guys, Interesting that a couple of issues regarding the throttle have been raised. So might the issue be that the throttle is allowing air past kind off slightly revving the engine? Steve
  15. Steve P


    Good evening Steve, I have EFi installed with one throttle at the manifold inlet. Mr Elclem1, Can you elaborate please on why the two points you mention might result in shunting? Thanks Steve
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