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  1. Waldi, A screw to start from is a good idea. I’ll keep you informed. regards Henk
  2. With help from our Triumph friends from the Triumphexperience forum the problem is solved. I’m missing a small dish that fits in the spring. ( see picture) The next problem wil be finding this very small part. My first try was without results :-(. thanks for you’re reactions regards Henk
  3. Thanks for the advice, but it made no difference. I'm missing the click of the switch I had before in the 2 positions.The edge of the plastic fork on the side of the spring is rough. Is it possible that something broke off?
  4. No it's the switch itself. . When I reassemble the switch it doesn't function as it's supposed to. I can't seem to move the internal copper part up and down. The spring wobbles on the small round projection of the knob. I have the feeling something is missing here. When i connect the terminals manually the hazard lights are flashing.
  5. Hello, During the removal of my speedometer, I bumped into hazard rocker switch of my TR250. The switch fell on the ground and I have found: 1. the switch knob, 2. the copper round part 3 spring/plastic part I can't get the swich working again with these parts. Am I missing something or am I not that good in solving puzzles? Regards Henk
  6. Bought a chromed rocker shaft with rebushed rockers for my .tr250 about 4 years ago directly from Rocker Arm Specialist in the US (.Was very pleased with the results. http://www.rockerarms.com/pages/about.html. It has a new owner now with the old employees. If i understand it correctly from the .pdf file in your post, they do the work for moss now. Regards henk
  7. the jpeg file was a little blurry i hope this one is better regards henk headlightsteprelay-3.pdf
  8. I have a tr250 with the same stalk headlight swicht as the early tr 6. With a length of 2m I could also use a little more room for my left leg (LHD) and wanted to remove the dip switch. As discussed earlier in this thread, I opted a few years ago for the flash option of the headlight switch to choose between headlight and dim light. When owning a volvo 240 estate , i found out that volvo has a nice mechanic relay for the head light/dim and flash option. You don't have to use a diode. The relay was first introduced on the volvo 164 in 1968,so it is also from the right era. The flash is working with the lights off, but not with the lights on. in the attached file you can can find out how to wire the relay. regards henk
  9. The gearlever of my TR250 suddenly started to rattle. I knew I had put in a spring and plunger. (It is an experience one will not forget!) After taking the gearlever out I found out that the plunger was stuck in the hole. I had to tap it on a piece of wood to get it out. There was no coil bound of the spring but the aftermarket plunger was too soft and a little damaged. After using a file I put the plunger back again again and the rattle is gone. regards Henk
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