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  1. Cake looks great Roger. Happy birthday.
  2. Looks like the UK and the USA are taking a similar approach to vaccinations starting with healthcare workers and people in elder care homes. I figure by the time they get to most of us it will be March/April and by then a bazillion old people will have been vaccinated and we will have an idea of what to expect when it is our turn.
  3. Thanks for reminding me that it is my brothers (Andrew) birthday. Born in Scotland, 1960.
  4. I had to make something recently using plexiglass. I cut and bent it using heat and then I used acetone to glue it. The technique is to hold the parts together and using acetone in a hypodermic (diabetic cat so have lots of those) inject the acetone into the joint so that it seeps between the parts to be joined. Hold it secure for a few seconds and it is effectively welded. Stan
  5. I am in no hurry to get vaccinated. I feel a little better now that Trump and his enablers will not be part of the process but the whole thing seems rushed to me and the AZ affair did not help. I'll wait and see how things go with the first few million people and maybe think about getting vaccinated in March or April if things are going well. I can maintain the current face mask, social distance, hygiene thing for a long time. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are both mRNA based, the AZ is a weakened cold virus that has been engineered to present the spike protein to your system. So I'm a
  6. Grab the bottom pulley (big the one with the timing marks) and make sure there is no wear that is allowing it to rattle against the crank woodruff key. Stan
  7. Yes, it is the same thing. There is a jet in the bottom of the accelerator pump circuit (one per dcoe) that bleeds fuel off back to the float chamber. It comes in various sizes including a blank jet (no hole) that bleeds no fuel so everything from the pump gets inhaled. Listed as a pump spill on some dcoe diagrams. Stan
  8. Have have not touched my dcoe configuration since 2012. This is how they are set up: Chokes 30mm Aux 4.5 Main 140 Air 160 Emulsion F11 Idle 55F9 Accelerator pump 50 Pump exhaust closed (made a big difference) Float height (Spanish carbs, plastic floats) 7mm/15mm Idle mixture screws 2 turns out from fully closed Goodparts GP2 cam, 9.6:1 compression
  9. I used a repro stator tube from Macey's. Stainless steel and where the Chinese lanterns would normally be there were short lengths of some thick heat shrink. Stan
  10. Getting them ready for hibernation. Great looking TR6 Richard, congrats. Love the blower.
  11. Unfortunately the noise I reported just went away with no intervention from me and is still a mystery. Stan
  12. The Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -70 degrees C until just before it is administered. The new scarce resource and logistics issue will be the refrigeration equipment.
  13. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33164936/ Vitamin D supplementation for 12 months appears to improve cognitive function through reducing oxidative stress regulated by increased TL in order adults with MCI. Vitamin D may be a promising public health strategy to prevent cognitive decline.
  14. The early results of the Pfizer vaccine suggest that if 10 vaccinated people get exposed to the virus, 1 will get sick. 90% effective. Flu vaccine is generally thought to be 60% effective, here in the US a covid19 vaccine that is at least 50% effective will get approval. General availability of a vaccine is months away and many people will refuse it. Face coverings, social distancing and hand hygiene will continue to be our best option for reducing the spread.
  15. In 2024 Donald Trump will be 78 years old. Who in their right mind would elect a 78 year old president. Oh, wait..
  16. I use a standard plastic in-line fuel filter that is inserted into the rubber fuel line just before the pump. Stan
  17. I use the standard mechanical pump that the Stromberg's use, no regulator. I know I am not the only one. The only issue I have that is when the car sits for several days it takes a while to fill the float bowls. If I do go electric I'll fit a pump likely on the frame just below the tank. The electric pumps are generally designed to be gravity fed and act as pushers not pullers. The pump you are looking at has a low end of 2.5 psi which is about the max that you need so I would look at a pump with a lower operating range and similar for the regulator. You dont really want to rely on it working
  18. This is a set from TRF. I had ordered something else but they sent me this by mistake. The thick gasket with the wrap around is in two pieces but bonded so it looks like it will do the job.
  19. Good news John, you probably wont get rickets. I am as skeptical as anybody until we get a proper study which could take years and still not be conclusive but I got a chuckle out of this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC300808/ Stan
  20. Another retrospective study but quite comprehensive. SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates associated with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0239252#pone-0239252-g001
  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a freakishly warm day today, 77 degrees F so we took the TR6 out for a very enjoyable scenic drive... and yes I took this selfie myself.
  22. Glad you got it sorted Steve. This is the picture from the workshop manual.
  23. I like it, Nicely done.
  24. I know we have a few geeks here.
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