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  1. LSN coatings Castleford. did my alloys £30 per wheel blasted and powder coated and they are very good. richard
  2. i am renewing the rear valance on my car. while its all in bits i was thinking about fitting some fibreglass wings, and liners how good a fit are they,how solid etc. any one have any photos,generaly and especialy looking at the b post. the steel wings on my car have been on 8 years, and starting to rust ever so slightly. i know i will now have to keep painting these every 2 years. looking at the rusty ones for sale at the international for crazy money. and new one for £500 i would wrap them up and put some where safe. richard
  3. they will be busy at the international
  4. got to be wires coming back out from switch earthing in the tight bit on column.you dont want to fry your new switch. richard
  5. Only that the column switch will get an easier life. a lot easier life. 1 w instead of 110w or 9 amps it a worth while and simple upgrade even if you have a good switch and wiring.. saves running live wires to relays behind the headlights under the bonnet . richard
  6. fit a relay where the bullet connector goes to the column switch.you will need a few female spade connectors to fit onto relay. wire it so the column switch only powers the coil in the relay.there will only be 1.5 w current going through the headlight switch. and save you buying a new one. do the same for the side light/dash bulbs.using a mini relay. all tucked up behind dash/speedo heres a crappy diagram richard
  7. the rear crank bearing face needs machining flat and smooth.BIG lathe reqd.then gap would probably be too big for oversize thrust washers. cheaper to get a second hand or new crank. put some thrust washers back in and keep checking to get you through the summer,you will get good at taking the sump off. good excuse to go to the tr international for a holiday in uk me thinks! unless you can get a crank there. richard
  8. the bearing cap can be machined like this but you will need a new crank as the face is badly scored. put new thrust washers in and the crank will chew the rear one up pretty quick. richard
  9. any 1 3/4 will fit, from saloons tr7 etc. then you need to fit yellow springs and bae needles.ditch the waxtat jets if they are fitted. has your car still got the square inlet manifold.the later banna shape one is better,but wont fit early us narrow port head. richard
  10. a cheap alternative is flash band from builders merchants.sticky pitch one side and black silver foil the other.comes in various widths 4" - 18". warm it up to make it stick and its cheap. and if your garage roofs leaking you can fix that at the same time. richard
  11. take the valves out and look under the seat area.original are bit uneven and lumpy,and the bottom of the ex stems looks untouched. but the outer ports where the manifold fit look smooth, you should have bought your in law some emery tape for xmas, it would have kept him busy for hours richard
  12. ive made a few of these and sold them on fleabay in the past.lm sure ive some ally bar left. ill make some this weekend and put on ebay,.or pm me £12.50 richard
  13. the glass will come out really easy.just peel the rubber back and push the glass and rubber out wards.. you can get a new headlinging on ebay uk for £50 ish. richard
  14. i fitted megajolt to my 6,cost about £150 for everything and it works A1. heres a photo of the front pully set up.. if the engine coming out you could also fit the sensor to flywheel, even better, the pick up works on magnetism. a simpler solution would be to drill small holes in the pully or crank and fit 35 small 3 or 5 mm neodyium magnets. or you could easily make a disk up with magnets on and fit it in the dizzy.
  15. rpurchon

    2nd Grinding

    ive used it for 6+ years no problem ,A type. richard richard
  16. rpurchon

    2nd Grinding

    could be brass 3 rd gear top hat has cracked as already mentioned.but if it was ok before gearbox out and presume new oil change, i doubt it.is it worse when cold.if so. try some modern thinner 75/90 semi or fully synthethic gearbox oil in it. richard
  17. £105 . 3000 miles with breakdown cover. i had a bump in it 2011 and i wanted to repair it myself. no problem new stainless front bumper.and paid for my time to fit it. carol nash insurance.
  18. the plunger missing above the ball and spring wont stop the overdrive working.more likely to work all the time. run car with one wheel of ground and see if oil comes out of the hole.if so pump is working. richard
  19. yellow springs and BAE needles. richard
  20. retard the ignition a bit, with the vernier, i use morrisons or any one else cheap unleaded and no problems after 8 years. richard
  21. here are 2 links to gl5 gear oil. both of which are gl5 and gl4 compatable. http://www.millersoils.co.uk/automotive/tds-automotive.asp?prodsegmentID=118&sector=Car http://www.epc.shell.com/Docs/GPCDOC_GTDS_Shell_Spirax_S5_ATE_75W-90_(en)_TDS_v1.pdf
  22. i put gl5 in my gbox and no problems.+ its higher spec than gl4. but then i dont believe this old wives tale about it disolving bronze. when gl5 first came out,whenever that was maybe,could have been a problem. but not now.if it did disolve bronze etc it would have a big warning label on it. wouldnt it. if any one puts gl5 in there gbox and it suddenly fails.it will be sod all to do with the oil.more like your gbox is 40+ years old richard
  23. did any oil pump out of the removed plug.if it did try hitting the iron ring on the overdrive with a hammer.could be a stuck clutch. richard
  24. there is a coiled [return]spring behind the speedo face.this has broken or come loose.richard
  25. as stuart says, gbox dowels .while gbox cover is off. re overdrive. drive car and try operating the lever on the driver side by hand.if overdrives ok, it will work instantly. if it works engaging it by hand,the solenoid needs setting, or could be lazy need renewing. to check pump remove plug on r/h side top of overdrive, above lever and take out the spring and ball bearing. jack one wheel up and run car. if pump works oil will come out of this hole. DO NOT lift the lever up further than the aligning holes,with spring and bb removed richard
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