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  1. I have 1956 tr3 and the same trouble trying to tax on line, rang Swansea and couldn't get an answer, so had to fill in a v112 form stating that the car was an historic vehicle and took it to the post office, and they accepted it. the last two years I had no problem at all taxing on line, what has changed I don`t know, the log book shows my car as an historic vehicle. DB
  2. Hello Graeme the spring fits onto a small tab on the bulkhead ,I had this trouble and found (thanks to Stuart) that mine had been flattened against the bulkhead.. David
  3. Thank you Stuart, most helpful. DB
  4. can anybody tell me where the accelerator return spring fits on the lever mechanism? DB
  5. keep looking on Ebay they were fitted to many different cars from the fifties_sixties David
  6. Hello Fireman would it be possible to send me a copy? as I would like to have a go at said job. regards David. d-ball@skycom
  7. Hello Mike I bought mine from moss, found it to be an excellent fit. David
  8. No mot any more for pre 1960 vehicles? can this be true!!!
  9. There is one for sale on Ebay at the moment. DB
  10. on my car it is 2inches. but as my car is a TR3 it ought not to have one! DB
  11. Thanks Foster I`ve seen it now in my moss cat, never thought of looking up there for it. regards DB
  12. Thanks for your reply Dick,but I can`t find any refernce to a safety catch in any manuals, or moss catalogue. regards DB
  13. Can anybody tell me if there is a safety catch that can be fitted to a TR3 bonnet,(I DON`T TRUST THE FASTENERS). DB


    Does anybody know anything about the history of my TR3, Com No, TS10583, reg No OBE 54? Thank you DB
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