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  1. On 6/16/2020 at 3:45 PM, MilesA said:

    :angry: Very irritated impressed if that is a modern grille!

    Keeping my eyes open for a really good softer old grille (hen's teeth1) to modify.


    This is stated as original and in great condition. It's neither to my mind



    This might be original but I guess only of use to do what Hamish and I have done.



    Anyone got a spare spare wheel cover in steel?





  2. 23 hours ago, roy53 said:

    Hi Ed

    that picture was after it had a bump destroying the 3a apron. It was alli .Hence different colour


    Thanks Roy, you wouldn't have any old pictures by any chance?

  3. 1 hour ago, DavidBee said:

    The crucial point about the down pipes is that, for reasons of safety, should extend right down to the chassis rail. Non standard, but the thing to do.

    Stacks, with the smoother edge, so less air turbulence, I gather, fit into an air box or filter. So I'm mistaken. Sorry. Unless you link to purpose-built ally air box, feeding off cold air duct...

    What I should have written is that ram pipe designs vary a lot. In some, a straight tapering pipe, at different angles, depending on model. The point being that some are proven to release more bhp than others, which is worth following up.

    Thank you David for taking the time, was planning on a long tube.

    I think the best place to spend any more money would be on the nut holding the steering wheel....

  4. Perfect gents, thanks.

    Just need to find some wheel centres now...

    4 wings, front panel and boot all steel now. SU's on. Wheels ready to go on.

    Hoping to shake down at Silverstone in March with the MGOC. Then Fiscar and/or HSCC.


    Just me or anyone else getting excited? Should have grown up by now...






  5. Evening all,


    Hope all's well.


    I'm getting the final bits on my car together now. 


    I had minilites on with longer studs, now going to steel wheels but want to keep the longer studs for when I can use the minilites, any idea on the wheel nuts I need? I have tried searching but end u with too many choices! Need to be open ended nuts or extra long





  6. Thanks Roy,

    I'm going to work towards FIA, even if it takes a year or two. I can always do the invitation classes till I get the car eligible for FISCAR/Equipe.

    Yes, my car has fibreglass all round. I've got a set of steel wings, need blasting, prepping, paint and fitting. They are the first thing to go on.

    I've bought a set of SU's from Andrew Turner, once fitted we'll know what length of trumpets. I know you asked on here a few years ago, inner wing modification to allow Webers - FIA approved? Hopefully someone has a complete diff with casing out there.

    I've got steels and L's.

    I have now got a full steering box set up.

    I have a Quaife LSD fitted. This is not allowed, I'm told. Hopefully someone has a complete diff with casing out there....

    That's all I can do this year!!






  7. Hamish,

    Thanks for replying.

    I've been watching those bits on Ebay, was hoping someone would have a complete screen knocking around.

    The pillars above are without the stanchion guides, these seem unavailable at Moss and Rimmer. Looking through this website, it seems some never had inner guides?

    In terms of progress towards Equipe/fiscar, I've got the H6 SU's, complete steering box system and all 4 wings and front panel in steel. And steel wheels and L's.

    Regulations state full width screen, not aeroscreens. I think the safest way to get though the eligibility is to fit a standard screen. Presumably the TR3s type of lower height screen is debatable and expensive?

    Don't think airboxes would be allowed, not certain though. Just trumpets for this year.


    Hope you've all had great Christmas,







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