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  1. Did you get sorted yet, I've got a pair, cheers Paul.
  2. uvc166

    4557WA TR3A

    Pretty sure that,s a Sheffield reg, cheers Paul.
  3. Hi Ian ,I went the 3.45 route years ago ,in top gear O/D engine runs 500 RPM less ,hope that makes sense ,cheers Paul.
  4. Martin ,send new e-mail address,cheers Paul.
  5. Nice one Alan, all the best,you don't need a hood anyway ,cheers Paul.
  6. Congrats on new car Andrew,same as Steve and Brian above , cheers Paul.
  7. George, you want to borrow a hard top,keep your hair in place,
  8. nice day out toCleethorps chips n fish lovely ,just caught a shower on way back, nowt changes, cheers Paul an a damp Marg.
  9. Officially retired today, what next?

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    2. Jersey Royal

      Jersey Royal

      All the best Paul


    3. Dave I O W

      Dave I O W

      Congratulations Paul all the best for the future see you soon,



    4. MilesA


      Don't stop now Paul but enjoy it! Miles

  10. Hello Guy, BIN the rack ,and fit a proper steering box, much nicer cheers Paul.
  11. Hi Alec, I remember Henry very well, havent seen him since he moved south years ago, is he still around ? cheers Paul.
  12. Now now lads, I resemble those remarks,
  13. Guy, they were a bit too bouncy!! without the foam between the springs, now quite comfortable, been in 20 years now, the foam does take a bit of drying though, cheers Paul.
  14. AFAIK ,the backrests are the same,but the spring bases are different,just e-mailed photo's of mine, cheers Paul.
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