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  1. English being a germanic language we have the same "Gut feeling" phrase in our language cheers Alan
  2. My 3A is called Smurfette or Schtroumpfette in French , simply because when a friends girlfriend saw it after it was painted she said in a very loud voice " Wow elle est super jolie et de la même couleur que Schtroumpfette" (she is pretty the same colour as Smurfette) My daily driver a 2003 Citroen Berlingo is called the grandad-wagon cheers Alan
  3. I didnt go anywhere but my son and his girlfriend borrowed the 3A to attend a local meeting
  4. Looks like a very nice car for a restoration project keep us updated. Restoration posts are among my favorite on the forum cheers Alan
  5. I have to say I love magenta as a colour it is just so 70's
  6. Hello Blair Welcome to the Forum, I am also a French based forumite who lives in the south west ( where all the best wine comes from ) not far from Bordeaux if I can be of any help just let me know cheers Alan
  7. Kiwifrog

    Car Films

    thank you Hamish fantastic films
  8. Just noticed I am 33 on this one just next to Jean, the worst thing is I only twigged because my name is on my tee shirt, 22 is Chris59.
  9. Life Sucks, Diane and Alec are both characters in their own way , and I use the present term, as even though Alec has gone to the big race in the sky his and Dianes help advice and just good common sence helped me out when I was having a Sh1t time. Alec and Diane helped me more than they know even though I let them down. I know Alec is up there arguing the merits of the Audi Quattro with St Peter or wherever Athiest petrolheads end up and when the time comes I know Diane will join him because they are both the best examples of kind helpful people I have known in a while, even if they hav
  10. I always thought the output on a mig was around 20 to 30 volts dc, it should be impossible to get a shock unless there is a fault with the welder ?
  11. Well done Andrew, blow the cobwebs off of VUX (got my cars confused )
  12. Normally in France you are only obliged to pass a pollution test in a petrol car if it was registered after the first of octobe 1972 Peu importe le carburant consommé, le contrôle anti-pollution concerne : Les voitures à essence mises en circulation à partir du 01/10/1972, Les véhicules diesel mis en circulation à partir du 01/01/80. cheers Alan
  13. I have moved my coil from the mount on the engine to the inner wing as it does get hot over here and coils dont like it very much Cheers Alan
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