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  1. Hi Laurence, Well done on your well-deserved win, the car looked beautiful - surely they weren't that shiny when they left the factory?!
  2. Hi Topoff, You have a pm. For anyone else who stumbles across this thread the recipe is: Rover Tempest Grey II (paint code LOQ / 902) 5 grams extra matt for a 400ml aerosol. Key up the parts using scotchbrite, after all this time can't recall if I used a plastic primer or not.
  3. It's a PI car. The metering unit is not the problem, it was supplied about 4 years ago by KRS. The problem is at the rear of the car & is whether the fuel pump (Bosch) or prv is on it's last legs or can be adjusted. This is beyond my limited technical ability - the car is being looked after by an ex-Triumph main dealer engineer with much experience of working on the pi system 'in period' but he does not have the test equipment.
  4. My TR6 seems to have acquired a large flat spot - anything less than about 3k revs Suspect fuel pressure may be amiss. Can anyone supply/lend/hire a test kit at modest cost or provide a list of parts to make up my own? I remember seeing some similar postings in the past so apologies if this duplicates them. Thanks in advance. Mark
  5. claggy001

    radio tower

    Mine came from the Roadster Factory, part no rep323. They offer alternative versions for CP & CR cars. When I ordered mine, it was the only one I was able to find which was made in a similar way to the original item, i.e. moulded over a foam inner. Most of the recovering kits are made from a sheet of expanded vinyl and include stitched seams around the gear lever. The finished effect is indistiguishable from the original, other than looking a lot less tatty!
  6. This pdf from back issues of Practical Classics may help: Parts Interchangeability Guide Remembered seeing it in the magazine & good for them to have put it up on their website!
  7. It depends on the comission number. The change for switch plinth to column mounting occured at CP52786 in early 1971.
  8. My previous TR, sold to Robsport in 2006. Thought I'd just post & seen if the current owner is on this forum. Believe it's currently for sale as similar vehicle is currently on 'Classic cars for sale'. Any questions, fire away!
  9. Proof of the pudding - Z4 forum fuel consumption thread. Reading these guys' experiences suggest from very low 20s up to 34mpg. And they've only got 6 gear ratios to play with
  10. The tank was filled both times until the pump shut off automatically, then topped up again very slowly. When filled to the brim, the fuel gauge needle sits above the 'full' marking. I'd certainly agree that fuel seems to go faster in the lower half of the gauge (if you see what I mean). Did a bit of research on modern 6 cylinder 2.5l cars' consumption figures. Couldn't find any Jap cars for comparison (shame ) However, the closest comparison I could find was the BMW Z4 2.5i Sport - extra-urban 46.3mpg, combined figure 34.4mpg.
  11. Well, I doubted the figures myself, so used an online converter which turned my 16.67 litres into 3.66688 gallons. Also checked the distance covered by comparing trip counter reading with multimap for the same journey. Multimap says the journey is a couple of miles shorter, giving fuel consumption of 36.5 mpg. I'm still very happy with that. An even more remarkable feat. It goes to show is that older cars can achieve the kind of consumption figures associated with modern vehicles. The majority of my journey was in overdrive 4th gear at a steady 2500rpm. Even with modern cars fuel consumption figures improve significantly on long, steady runs.
  12. Had a nice run to the Triumph Day at Stoneleigh Park, first journey outside of my local area the car has made so was a little apprehensive. Filled the tank at an Esso garage just a couple of miles from home, noticed the needle was moving somewhat slowly on the fuel gauge so filled up again at the same garage on the way back. Was amazed at the results: total distance 138.4 miles, fuel used 16.67 litres. 37.74 mpg! Is this a record?
  13. According to my garage, plywood spinner spanners like the SC Parts & Roadster Factory version quickly disintegrate in use. Anyone here got any experience of this? If Spinitoff was available in a 2 eared version I'd buy one right away, it looks really well engineered, 'fit for purpose' as our beloved leaders would say! So, North London Mike, if you can gently apply pressure to your chum...?
  14. Changeover for Uk cars - CP52786. For all other markets and US approx CC/CP50001. (Source: Original Triumph TR, Bill Piggott)
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