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  1. ngtf

    Socket size?

    Hi Ian My inch and a half socket fits perfectly, I assume it equates to 37mm. Where abouts are you in the country, if you're reasonably local you can borrow mine. Regards Gary
  2. This was published in TRaction a while ago to assist those who needed it. Gary Electronic Indicators for TR7.doc Electronic Indicators for TR7.doc
  3. Yes, if you mount the electronic relay close to original, you will only need a short cable run to ground. Gary
  4. You will need to add a ground wire to the relay as well. Gary
  5. ngtf

    !95 50 15

    Yes you can. Dad runs 205/50/15's on the rear with no clearance problems and 195/50/15's on the front. His arches are standard and is also running MGF wheels. Cheers Gavin
  6. Hi Kel I have a good secondhand set if you are interested. Free to a fellow Kent member. Regards Gary
  7. Hi Kelvin Why not just contact Robsport or S&S Preparations, both are TR7 specialists and both break cars that are beyond repair. Either should be able to supply what you are after. Gary
  8. I run MGF wheels on mine with the standard 185's front and 205's rear with standard MGF tyres again running 28Psi all round. Mind you I have fully uprated suspension all round, totally poly bushed and Capri 2.8 front brakes with uprated master cylinder and servo, but then, I am also running a tuned Sprint engine with twin Dell'orto's as well! Gary
  9. This guy lists one on his website, maybe he could help!! http://www.tadpoleradios.co.uk/ Gary
  10. I'll echo Alec's post. Many congrats Richard, couldn't think of anyone more suitable. Gary
  11. Bearing in mind the provenance of this vehicle and the fact that it is an ex press demonstrator, therefore a very early car plus taking into account the work that has been done to it to bring it up to the standard you see it in, I would suggest it is worth a fair bit more than £5000. £4-5000 generally buys an absolutely superb TR7V8 and even then the vehicle would have had considerably more spent on it. I can quote from experience (not personal but almost) of a certain TR7V8 that was involved in an accident where the rebuild costs exceeded £15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) and was subsequently s
  12. Hi David You might get a few more answers if you give Steve a ring at S&S Preparations 01706 874874. I am sure they have been involved in this type of conversion. The only other 2+2 (Not a true 4 seater) that I have seen was owned by a chap in Gravesend, Kent whose name escapes me at the moment. He actually did the conversion himself. I will try and find the relevant details for you. In the meantime, check out this link http://www.forum.triumphtr7.com/topic.asp?...=2+2,conversion Gary
  13. Hi Guy You probably won't recognize the house, it is actually Gillingham in Kent. A fair walk from Redruth you'll agree. Gary
  14. Indeed it is Malcolm. Both (cough cough) "gentlemen" are well known to the Kent group as well. Gary
  15. ngtf


    Hi Paul Welcome to the forum. Looks like a nice Java Green car you have there, would look stunning with a jet black interior. I presume it had the green tartan door cards and seats judging by your post. There are some excellent suppliers around, S&S, Robsport etc, hapy hunting and enjoy the TR7. Gary
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