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  1. Steve, Did you establish the hole placement and get it fitted? If not, my 1974 has the holes where the spoiler used to be, but no spoiler (missing when I bought it!) Happy to send pictures with measurements if you still need them although I can't be 100% sure that the holes I have were for an original spoiler. Dan
  2. I think an air leak elsewhere is the most likely although I will check the throttle cable. The choke cam is OK, but the bleed valve is closed and engine is still running too fast. I am planning to remove the throttle bodies tomorrow and give them all a thorough check for wear on all the moving parts etc.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I've re-checked the connectors and the butterflies as suggested. On 1 & 2 there was a gap of a couple of mm which I have now adjusted to 0.002 mm as suggested. This has made a slight difference bringing the idle down to around 1500 rpm, but i can't get it any lower and while it is idling, every 3-5 seconds the revs increase to 2000 rpm and then drop back to 1500...it is as if I am blipping the throttle pedal even though I'm not touching anything. A flow meter might be the next step.
  4. Yes, I meant CR! Thanks for the info...I will Google it.
  5. Having had a good poke around it appears that the throttle butterflies on 1 & 2 are not fully closing I'm guessing this might be where the problem lies?
  6. I don't have a vacuum gauge unfortunately. I'll re-check the gasket and see if that makes any difference, but since it was a blown gasket that lead me to this point, I think an air leak is more likely.
  7. Thanks all. I will go back to the gaskets and try again!
  8. It's a metal gasket and I used a small bead of silicon sealant on both sides to try and ensure a good seal.
  9. I've spent the past couple of weeks making a start on my maiden TR 6 project...a 1974 CP PI Having replaced the exhaust manifold gaskets, water pump, thermostat and new radiator, I have reinstalled the inlet manifolds and air intake plenum etc. Prior to undertaking these jobs, the car started first time every time, but after reinstalling it took a fair few attempts to get the engine to fire up. Once it did eventually start, without the need of the cold-start lever, the engine is running far too high 2-2500 revs and it is smoking from below the manifolds. I'm concerned that maybe I ha
  10. Thanks all for the helpful advice and offers of help and support. Having taken on board the advice and spoken to several existing owners I changed tack slightly and have just bought my first TR6 which is due to arrive next week. It is a running example, with a solid chassis and body panels that are in a generally good condition. The car has been inspected by TRGB and although it needs a good overhaul to get through an MOT, I'm looking forward to getting started. Wish me luck! Dan
  11. Hi all. Probably the best step I've taken so far had been to join the TR register which has already opened the door to all this great advice and experience. I was very grateful recently to be invited to visit a longer standing member and owner who gave me an opportunity to ask lots of questions and even have a ride in his own 6. I'm still enthusiastic about one day owning one of these great cars, but I now have a far better appreciation of the undertaking in terms of both cost and time and think that a better start point is almost certainly a running car that I can enjoy and lea
  12. Thanks for the sound advice all of which has given me more food for thought.
  13. Mick, That's great. I'll have a look at the Lincs group and hope to meet you at the next one!
  14. Hi Chris, Thanks for the message. I've also heard from Wayne in Spalding and I have family connections over there. I'm not sure of the etiquette of local groups. Being across the border in Cambridgeshire I was directed to the Cambs group, but Spalding would be more convenient for me. If you don't mind an interloper from across the border, can you let me know when and where the next meeting is planned and I will try to get over. Dan
  15. Thanks Charlie, Two things that everybody has told me: it will take longer and it will cost more! Fortunately, I have plenty of spare time...unfortunately I don't have lots of spare cash! You are correct about tools - I don't even own a socket set just now, but hopefully part of the pleasure if this project will be building up a collection of stuff alongside the skills and knowledge to use them? I don't underestimate the undertaking, but it is quite daunting at the moment, so I will take a look at your recommended reading in the hope that it will inspire as opposed to deter
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