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  1. John, even though I fitted the new relay, with the modification suggested by Rob, I still had an earth problem with the doughnuts. I solved that in the end by putting new earth straps on both doughnuts. I used the spline clamping bolts for better connection. It worked fine. Gary
  2. I have gone with the old Kenlowe fan I bought several years ago. It does sit in front of the radiator, but it’s quite large, so I am hoping it does the job when needed. Given the weather in North Wales I think it will be fine. I tried to fit the harmonic damped crank pulley I bought some time back, but I didn’t like the fact that it was a modified MGB pulley. In the end I decided to buy a standard narrow belt pulley and fit that instead. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I had to have some parts made to enable a satisfactory fit. What I ended up with is the original hub, the new pulley and
  3. Rob, Hats off to you. Connected C2 and W2 as you suggested and Bingo, it works fine. Given the information I was given when I bought the new relay I would have never of thought to make that alteration. Thanks to you and Roger for helping me with this issue. It’s very much appreciated. I am now only waiting for a none damped crank pulley and I can set up the electric fan, alternator and narrow belt system. Gary
  4. I did try the connection without removing the W1. Chap at Holden told me it was an earth. Great, I’m going out now but will try what you have suggested tomorrow. Many thanks Gary
  5. Chaps, Scratching my head now. I bought a new relay from Holden. This has an extra terminal W2, which I am told is an earth. I checked to see if it is connected to the body of the relay and it is, so I have left it alone. I fully expected the horns to work with the new relay and they don’t. As you have suggested, I have connected and earth wire directly to W1 terminal and nothing happens. I have 12v at C1 and there is a good earth at the relay and the horns. If I connect 12v to one of the horns it works. Could it be that I have two faulty relays, or should I look elsewhere first?
  6. I’m contemplating binning the damped pulley and using the narrow pulley that allows me to use the original boss. I am also toying with the idea of using a larger plastic fan and not fitting the Kenlowe fan I have had in a box for a few years. I will only ever use the car for short journeys and I can’t remember having too many overheating issues with the original fan. Looking at the Kenlowe fan today I think it could cause more troubles than it’s worth. It isn’t a great design. It uses plastic ties that you push through the radiator core to hole it in place. I don’t like it very much. I have fi
  7. BTW, the picture is a bit deceiving. The outer diameter of the collar is the same sizes as the original pulley boss. You can just make out how thin it is to press onto the new pulley. The big chamfer makes it even thinner. That’s the end that clamps onto the crankshaft. As you mentioned previously, it was designed for an MGB not a TR.
  8. Hi Peter, This collar/spacer fits over the rear boss on the pulley. It’s there to increase the length and diameter of the boss to give the correct alignment of the fan belt and make the seal in the cam chain case. The key is on the inside, so it doesn’t get in the way. It never has to come off again as it should be part of the pulley, if it was designed for a TR4. It’s just a bad design and not a very good modification. It’s a cheap parallel collar. The problem, albeit not seemingly and issue, is the fact that it is only a few mm thick at the end that butts up to the crankshaft. Bit of a
  9. I have had the narrow belt conversion kit and alternator for a while. Finally decided to fit both. I am also fitting an electric fan in front of the radiator as I has this stored away as well. Pulled everything off and starting to fit new things back. I have bought the damped version from Rimmer Brothers. If I had known that the crank pulley is a modified version from another car I would have had second thoughts about the kit, however, I have it now, so I suppose it has to go on. What I don’t like is the spacer they give you because the back of the pulley has all the wrong dimensions. In parti
  10. Thanks, Roger. Done all that. The horns work. There is power where it should be. If I bypass the relay and press the horn push they work. Ordered a new relay from Holden. Gary
  11. I think I have this wrong, don’t I? The horn push just makes the circuit when it is depressed. Attaching 12v to the fuse wire won’t do anything without the horn push working. I guess I need to work back from the horn push? Gary
  12. There are a lot of posts about horns that don’t work. I have read quite a few, but still haven’t found an answer to my problem. I have checked the function of the horns by connecting 12v directly to the horns and they work fine. The in-line fuse is fine. I did find a bad earth connection across the upper steering column doughnut, which is now fixed. I have connected a 12v supply to the purple/black wire at the fuse, assuming that this should power the relay and sound the horn. It doesn’t and there is no click from the relay. I checked the voltage at the horn push and it’s only 5v. I came
  13. Thanks, Guys. I couldn’t understand why the battery would drain either. I still have the Dynamo fitted, so I will leave the old rheostat for now. I really like the idea of the potentiometer. I will order one from eBay and have a play. It would be nice to have it functioning at some point. Gary
  14. Just fitted a set of LED lights on my TR4a. Very happy with the overall performance. The headlight bulbs were difficult to fit, but I managed to install them without having any external wires that are visible under the bonnet. Everything works great apart from the number plate lights. The new bulbs are too big and don’t fit. One other thing to mention is the ignition light. You don’t get a bulb for this in the kit. Having spoken to the supplier they said it can cause a drain on the battery when the car isn’t in use. No big deal as a new standard bulb is fine in this position. I have some
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