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  1. Stuart. Thanks for the tips regarding the alternator; I charged the battery and then started the car and no red light…if the alternator can’t run everything and charge a battery, probably faulty. When I put the fuel pump on last time I felt the lever push against the cam….is it possible to get this in the wrong place?
  2. Thanks Rob. They also suggested a lifetime warranty so we’ll have to give that a test.
  3. Thanks folks, the pump looked fine on fitting and it was a new part. I have just been back out to the garage and checked the oil pressure pipe and it is well clear. I think Rob’s suggestion about the gasket is about right - thanks also for the tips on voltage. I spoke with powerlite before this snag turned up and apparently the fan part of the wheel should be enough to cool it. They suggested that if the battery is a dud, there is no way that the dynalite will get to full steam…not sure if that is a fob off but it is a £400 unit, rather than a cheap import… I think the pump will be coming
  4. Hi folks, I’m brand new to TRs having seen the light and traded my vitesse……. Can anyone help with the two problems I am tackling with my 1959 TR3A? Having started with a fuel leak at the pump and the fuel tap, I changed the cork, the pump and the pipe from tap to pump. The cork from Rimmerbros was useless but I now have some compressed fuel pipe in place of the cork and the fuel has stopped leaking. Pump works fine but the supplied gasket hasn’t done the job. Fairly big oil leak. Should I have used some sealant with it or is it just a bad gasket? Also, it has a brand new dynal
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