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  1. I've got some movement in the right direction. Its still stuck in the back, but are able to spray penetrating oil around it. Hopefully she will give way soon!
  2. Just ordered some KANO AeroKroil to try on it. I'm really confused because I would think it would move some when lifting up on the front of the head. I've pulled up the front of it with a large 3 foot 1/2 drive breaker bar with not even a small move. Its almost like I am missing a bolt or something.
  3. My TR3 engine died over the weekend while idling in driveway. It was making a terrible sound under the rocker cover, so I removed it and found a stuck intake valve on the number one cylinder. I went to go pull the head and cant get it to lift off the block. I was able to pull all the head studs out except for one in the rear. I've tried soaking it in penetrating oil and smacking the head and block with a mallet with no success. Does anyone have any good ideas or tips on getting it to move. I've tried everything that I can think of to get it to move.
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