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  1. Hi Ian, I bought the car last July, unseen but based on the amount of money that had been spent on it. I'm told that it's a genuine Grinnall and one of only 18 +2 roadsters converted with only 9 surviving. The car is ok but both door bottoms are rotten and the drivers electric window doesn't work but I knew about these and I'm now fixing them. What did disappoint me was the lack of a bulkhead steering bush and no nut to hold the steering wheel on, someone had put 3 blobs of weld to prevent the wheel coming off! A bad oil leak which was picked up on the last MOT and an underbody covered in a th
  2. Thanks Adrian, I think I'll take your advice and replace the hoses first. Best regards, David
  3. Hi Scott, many thanks for that. My system has a separate reservoir bolted to the bodywork behind and to the left of the rad! The car currently has a full stainless exhaust system with two small silencers at the rear making it fairly quiet. I may chop them off to give it a true Grinnall sound! Best regards, David
  4. Hi Stuart, thanks for that. I've also taken your advice and obtained a Heritage certificate which confirms this is a matching numbers 1975 car. Hopefully, this will help with my request for a re-issue of the Nova certificate which currently states the car is a 1971 vehicle.
  5. Thanks Stuart, I've also taken your advice and obtained a Heritage certificate which confirms the car is a matching numbers 1975 vehicle. Hopefully this will help with my request for a re-issue of the Nova certificate which states the car is a 1971 model.
  6. Hi, I bought a Grinnall TR8 last summer. One of the problems that came with the car was an oil leak which was picked up as an advisory on a couple of MOT's. I think it's due to the power steering system, pump or hoses. Does anyone know where the pumps come from? The car was converted in 1991 and I've been told that Grinnall used whatever they could lay their hands on. Looking at an SD1 pump on line, they don't look the same!
  7. Hi, I've been restoring an ex US TR6 for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, I've been waiting for well over a year for a carb choke cable from Rimmer's who no double have supply issues. Has anyone else have the same problem or a solution.
  8. Thanks Derek, I think that the previous owner found an old Vin plate and attached it. The state of the vehicle when it arrived would suggest that it was a project just to get it over here for a quick buck which included a cut and shut chassis repair. Many thanks for you help. Best regards, David
  9. Hi Derek, many thanks for that. You're right I did add an extra 8 on the Vin number. My problem now is that the Vin plate that came with the car doesn't relate to it as the Nova document contains the number CC66295L which is a 1971 number. As there is so much evidence that the car is a 1975 complete with raised front bumpers with cut-outs etc I would like to register it as a 1975 car. Any thoughts? Best regards, David
  10. Thanks Derek. The car came as a 1971 car with a commission plate almost unreadable. The car itself is a 1975 vehicle with a US second commission number attached to the windscreen frame of CF388880U0. Engine number is CF 39013UE, body numbers are 35500CF and 33566CF. I haven't registered the car yet and may go to the reading room at Gaydon to get more information. I would be very grateful for your comments. Best regards, David
  11. Hi, I'm restoring an ex US TR6 How close should the two numbers be?
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