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  1. I'm thinking real hard about swapping out both axles for cv joints from GoodParts.
  2. After pulling the wheel and brake drum, I see the inner axle shaft flange nut was way loose. It tightened right back up. I am not saying I could use it that way, but it told me the inner shaft was likely not broken. Could it have been that the inner shaft flange nut just worked loose? Since these nuts do not use cotter pins, what is it that makes sure they don't work loose?
  3. On a ride, I had a noticeable thunk on a hard corner to the right then shortly later it got noisy mostly on corners. Pulled over and the left rear wheel was still on there solidly, but definitely angled out at the bottom. Towed home and looked under and see the backing plate of the left rear wheel separated at the bottom. From just looking all appears normal to and including the U joint. I am trying to determine exactly what broke so I can get the part off another TR6 or new. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  4. Your separate earth is very good advice, but I got mine going by steelwooling the grips that hold the socket in the hole til they were somewhat bright. Thanks.
  5. I did a complete rewire with Advanceautowire and with my voltmeter I find juice and earth right at the socket, but the light won't work. Also, with socket in hand, when I put a bulb in, it slightly dims the other taillight. I don't really understand this.
  6. On my 74 TR6, one taillight doesn't want to work. Juice is reaching the socket and I have tried numerous bulbs to no avail. I do recall something about the sockets not always grounding where they physically attach. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jim
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