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  1. if you could pass on tel no,cheers
  2. looking for tr3a wiper motor,single sweep,with mounting pins,also manual wiper wash kit,doesn,t have to be new,
  3. with your extensive knowledge,and my gcse in geography,we,ve cracked it!!!!! don,t think i will be doing another though!!!!! lol kind regards!!!! the rockape!!!
  4. with regards the bastuck ring,which i have,do the rings with their corresponding wires go back on the nylon shaft in a certain order,i.e green/brown, brass ring first,brown/black brass ring second, etc,etc.the diagram i have is b/w!!! kind regards phil.
  5. i am but couldn,t get there,,could we do what i mentioned!!
  6. hi,mark been checking out couriers and its a pain in the axxe!!!! if you could give me bank details i could make payment direct to you and pass on my details,it seems the easier option,where you won,t have to wait around for delivery driver!!!,i could send£15 and if anymore let us know.
  7. thankyou thats the route i will take originally had an adjustable setup,lhd model,
  8. i,ll arrange a courier,my tr,s an oily rag resto,don,t want something i can,t use and redline all year round!!!! lol can understand cars being put away for winter due to cost of restoring,don,t want to go down that road,aiming for a respectable all year round drive!!!
  9. thats the one !!!lol guten tag mine friend!!!!! lol,but lucky enough to get the english translation as well,did you have to remove the tube from the rear of horn assembly,did you use your old column shaft,or their shaft!!!
  10. yes thats what i got got their r+p,upper shaft column, and conversion ring
  11. how much mark,i,m in wales!!
  12. anyone got a tr3 rear exhaust box,doesn,t need to be new,just an improvement on the battered one i have
  13. hi everyone,is there anyone who has purchased the upper steering shaft and steering rack conversion contact kit,the question i ask is on the back of the horn assembley do you remove the tube/pipe which the horn wiring loom travels through,at the moment as it stands the tube won,t insert into the upper shaft column,both items purchased from tr london,i.e.is it only there to protect the wires,
  14. anybody or any info on recovering sidescreens on 3a,cheers
  15. anyone have a non adjustable steering wheel nut lying around!!!! lol
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