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  1. i know what you mean,i may well make my own,my tr,s an oily rag resto anyway, cheer,s.
  2. hi, everyone,does anyone have a brake/clutch bulkhead blanking plate for sale!!!
  3. thanks graham,i will need to know the pro,s and con,s will need to know everything with regards registration etc.
  4. hi russ,checked with my daughter whose email i use on occasion!! its Lilyfarnden9@gmail.com think i left out the farnden!!!
  5. phil farnden


    after 50+years i am now the proud owner of an american import 1960 tr3a. my love of the tr3 came from my fathers love of sports car,s,being a young passenger in healey,s jaguars mg,s etc,weekends were spent valeting,and scrubbing the wire wheels, my reward being a drive around the b-roads watching my dad double-declutching,and talking me through how to handle a "tr",and thinking i was "biggles" in my ww1 fighter cockpit!!!! although long gone he is still fondly remembered as "mac the barber" with the tr!!!! (he was a hairdresser),at his funeral he had a tr3 wreath made and placed on his coffin
  6. thanks for the info,2 cars that brought many happy memories as a kid,my old man had many tr,s healeys mg tc etc,finally seeing out his days with a triumph spitfire with dolomite sprint engineering,but it was those 2 that bring bach great memories,on his passing we had 2 wreaths made in the shape of the 2 cars and sprayed according to their colours!!!triumphs are in our blood,i have TLR510 tattooed on my shoulder,lol kind regards phil.
  7. don,t remember if it was a tr2/3/3a,but it was brg,and reg was TLR510, also tr4a irs,powder blue reg,DVC409C
  8. looking for a rhd throttle pedal to complete my conversion
  9. are they the later tr3a type not the wedge,excuse my ignorance in this matter.
  10. thanks to everyone for info and prices gifen for steering etc,have now opted to go with r+p,with horn conversion kit,thanks for all your help,2 things though,what is best spray to use on wire wheels,(silver) also i,m missing o/s sidescrenn bracket latch,any ideas,kind regards.phil
  11. sorry, haven,t replied,can,t find your price list on my files would it be possible to forward again,cheers phil
  12. i think it was something like a 9:1 ratio,triumph gambled on the tr being a success in the states
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