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  1. Time it against performance figures from a road test back in the day. Just a guide but give a good reference. Plenty of test data in triumph books.
  2. That’s a good idea Stuart, I’ll do that. thanks
  3. Issue was horn button on steering wheel. Just fitted a horn push button in a redundant hole. Will fix it to function correctly over winter. Thanks for all the comments.
  4. Okay will connect it to a suitable spot. The existing contact has long gone. Will check ones by headlights also , might be shared earth with horns. Thanks. super clean bulkhead you have, be a great car .
  5. Do you know what earth it would be for?
  6. Hi Guys on my tr6 the horn doesn’t work. It did work last week. I’ve Changed the relay , fuse is fine. Any idea what this black wire is for or where it goes? Thank you
  7. I’ve realised if you post a subjective question like I have, it will cause debate and many suggestions. Whilst I appreciate the comments. This isn’t the way to diagnose my problems and get a solution that is the right one. I have found someone with knowledge who will look at my car , diagnose and fix the issues.
  8. Which is the best option? persevere trying to get an injection system running well or go carbs?
  9. Green one on market place
  10. Great info, I’ll try timing at 8 to 11 tomorrow. appreciate the info.
  11. Hi Steve im in Weymouth. read the brown book today checked butterfly gaps, they were above spec, so cleaned them and as adjusted the linkage to spec. Corrected the timing to 4 degrees it was at 0 degrees. Seems ok I think. Will go round the block I it later, for first drive of it. it’s definitely running best it has done since buying it.
  12. It’s a 73 injection model. It wouldn’t run well before either but felt like it had ignition issues with hesitation in engine reving. now it’s really smooth but has this issue, probably there before but hidden by ignition issues.
  13. Fitted new coil, dizzy cap, plug leads, electronic ignition module inside dizzy cap etc. started car using choke. All fine. When warm with no choke idle drops to 500 and goes up to 1500 , then sometimes carries on up to 2000 without any throttle input. I assume I need to rebalance the throttle bodies and adjust idle, has new throttle cable and seems fitted properly. any advice?
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